Ping Jiang

Atelier Ping Jiang / EID Arch

Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch is an emerging design practice for architecture and urbanism.Led by Founding Principal Ping Jiang, AIA, who established the firm in 2015, EID Arch strives to provide innovative design solutions for architecture and urban environment. EID Arch is founded on the belief that design can transform life, and is deeply committed to design excellence, innovation and sustainability. The firm has extensive experience in a wide range of building types, ranging from the small scale of a chapel to the large scale of urban design.

Since its inception in late 2015, EID Arch has becoming one of the leading design firms based in China. In contrast to some local established design firms which typically constrain their practices in small scales and limited typologies, EID Arch aims to address the ever-changing urban conditions in China and beyond, confronting the challenges of complex urban realities with an impressive portfolio of projects across typologies and scales, such as high-density urban development, urban regeneration, along with civic, cultural and institutional projects.

In recent years, the firm has drawn international attention for its innovative design approach to a wide range of projects. Design strategy has been focusing on quality of open and accessible public space, humanistic scale and seamless connection to the public transportation. An integration of architecture and landscape is apparent in many of these design projects. A series of successful experiments were conducted on flexible program and physical framework conversion.