OM Nursery


In this project,We recognise one of the issues faced by children is lack of physical, and aimed to create a school building where children can play very actively regardless of the weather, and where physical play becomes a habit.

●Client:The company operates several welfare facilities rooted in the local community, including a former preschool established in 1971. The project is being re-launched with the concept of developing exercise habits while utilising the childcare activities that have been developed to date. ●Completion date:August, 2020 ●Project size Site area:6,036.06 ㎡ Building area:1,781.73 ㎡ Total floor area:1,199.03 ㎡ ●Main design elements:a wide avenue in the center of the school building, with the nursery, dining and play areas located close together. The pathway allows sight lines from one end to the other, encouraging children to run and develop an interest in their own playgrounds. The playgrounds also consciously incorporate three-dimensional play that cannot be experienced in everyday life, to nurture a sense of equilibrium, the ability to grasp, a spirit of challenge and creativity. (Net play equipment, slides, terraced toilets, etc.) ●Sustainability:the building is designed to be sustainable by actively incorporating natural environmental features such as lighting and ventilation. ●Material innovation:achromatic metal exterior walls that reflect time have been selected to give the building a changing appearance that reflects the sunlight and sky color at that time. The children's minds are nurtured by an environment in which they can feel the passage of time.