Ningbo Deji Historic Street Regeneration


Ningbo Deji Historic Street Regeneration Project is a comprehensive modernized rebuild for the traditional Chinese Shikumen building type, located in ‘Deji Lane’ in Ningbo, China. ‘Deji Lane’ contains dozens of traditional Shikumen style buildings in various heritage conditions and as well as several historic lanes, which date back to the Republic of China era. The regeneration aims to emphasize the historic texture of ‘Deji Lane’ and the essence of Ningbo Shikumen culture. Through integrated protection, renovation and construction, the traditional and new buildings complement each other and co-exist in harmony. This historical and cultural treasure of the city will be reactivated, which represents the new commercial landmark of Ningbo.

The design challenges are varied and complex. The traditional Shikumen buildings must be repaired thoughtfully to transform them for new needs, while the new buildings also bear the responsibility of protecting and revitalizing the entire historic district. Balancing the commercial needs of the new era and the preservation of heritage buildings has become the key answer to the challenge.

The new building planning revitalizes the texture and characteristics of the historic Shikumen buildings of Ningbo, and applies a modern sustainable design language via the use of various materials such as bricks, wood and bronze. Under the precondition of maintaining the original layout of the historic streets, the design strikes a balance between commercial needs and historic preservation by upgrading existing alleys, creating new streets, integrating squares and sorting out commercial circulation. This creates harmonious coexistence between the past and the future.