Nanjing OCT Innovation Center

Lacime Architects

The project site locates in Nanjing, on the north bank of Yigan River, enjoying excellent natural environment. The area will be planned as a characteristic cultural travel center of Nanjing. As the first project of exhibition area, this project undertakes important task of showcasing the regional planning, and meanwhile, it should meet the requirements of the functional transformation of the community in the future.

The design innovatively introduces the concept of still life geometry, which is the most sophisticated structural language to describe the spatial form of a city. The design abstracts Yongshou Temple Pagoda, courtyards, Yigan canal and Jiangnan streets and alleys as magnified geometric still life, and form a semantic superimposed landscape through spatial combination. Familiar objects reappear in unfamiliar forms, triggering associations with scenes in people's memories. Ordinary objects can show a specific spatial structure through the architects' sophisticated design and arrangement, and by focusing on stationary objects, the beauty of this layout reveals a miniature landscape. The facade of the building is made of fair-faced concrete to accentuate and express the geometric volume of the building. In consideration of the overall construction process and project schedule, partial structure adopts cast-in-place, while the rest uses dry-hung concrete fiberboard and corner GRC. Finally, the entire facade was coated with clear concrete paint twice to simulate the effect of bare concrete, and the clear paint also unifies the texture of the building materials, presenting the abstract art aesthetics of contemporary architecture in a way of abstract geometric integration.