Master plan and Main Stadium design of Xi’an Olympic Center

PTW Architects

Xi’an Olympic Center is a multi-purpose sports facility that includes a 60,000 seats main stadium, 18,000 seats gymnasium and 4,000 seats swimming hall. The sports center functions as both games and show venues, which provides training for track and fields, football and other sports events. Other facilities include underground parking, retail, services and training spaces that support games and activities.

Inspirations came from the city’s association with Silk Road. The planning echoed a landscape bound by Mount Li on the east and River Ba on the west. The building form idea started from abstraction of the Xi 'an city flower - pomegranate. The main stadium sits by the Ba River. The stands and canopies are shaped as saddles, so that the undulating lines of roof and facade makes for rich play between light and shadow. The horizontal lines on the facade follow the undulating facade, symbolizing silk. Supporting the canopy and façade systems are 7 groups/ 28 V-shaped columns. The fine textures of the facade system and rough concrete create a sharp contrast, illustrating the power and beauty of sports buildings. The roof is made of metal and photovoltaic panels, which provides great view from the air. The project breaks away from the traditional single-purpose limit of stadium. Full consideration of operation, maintenance and post-game functions were addressed during the design period. The stadium had successfully hosted the 14th national games, then it will also provide a flexible and modern facility for future use and activities.