Lord's Compton & Edrich Stands


The new Compton & Edrich Stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground, completed 2021, deliver two distinctive architectural structures at the internationally renowned venue. The stands deliver greatly improved sightlines and spectator experience for cricket fans, as well as upgrading capacity, accessibility and amenities at the country’s largest cricket venue.

The new stands sit either side of the iconic Media Centre at the famous Nursery end of the Ground. They feature a canopy roof, integrated facilities, and an elevated walkway at the back of the stands to improve crowd flow. At 24m high, they are now the tallest stands at the venue, featuring three tiers to elevate the spectator experience in line with Lord’s reputation as both ‘village green’ and internationally recognised premier cricket sporting ground, allowing unrivalled views of the field of play and panoramic views beyond. The stands offer an additional 2,500 seats, increasing the Ground’s overall capacity to 31,500. The majority of the 11,500 seats fitted have been re-used from the previous stands to mitigate waste, and all offer unrestricted views. The stands also have wheelchair accessible seats, facilities and lift access at all levels. Additionally, for the first time, they also house two restaurants, 12 additional food and drink outlets and washroom facilities. The new stands form an integral part of a masterplan to revitalise the Ground and broaden cricket’s appeal to a wider base. Both stands are designed to be open and spacious, with clear open stairs, access walkways and wayfinding, improving accessibility and crowd circulation.