Local from Yesterday-Dreamland

DOMANI Architectural

In the process of urbanization in China, most people or families have solidified into a broad middle class. The construction of modern cities and buildings intends to show them the challenges of time and space on memory with unprecedented capacity and intensity. Identity is becoming the main and sometimes the only meaning. People construct their meaning increasingly not based on what they’re doing but what they are or what they believe in themselves. The same is true for space identity. People never belong to space or lie above space. People’s intuition is try to be part of the chaos in the space and find their own sense of existence from the chaos. Therefore, considering and emphasizing regionalism in the perspective of globalization, we chose handmade pottery tiles, very similar to soil, as the memory carrier of “villages”, forming unique color and mottling under the effect of external environment and symbiotic with nature. In order to explore the rational return of traditional culture through the integration of locality and times, it is necessary to search for the authentic properties of materials, inject the localized “sense of soil” into the shape and profile of buildings, and derive the reconsideration of the relationship between architecture, region and nature.