Leidarhofdi Community Center

sastudio + hjark + landmotun

The winning design challenges the current planning for private housing, considering the population desire for a new centrality in this unique location. It is thus proposed a community hall, a public structure that can accommodate several functions and activate outdoor activities.

The building rises gently from the ground towards the town, generating a new street front and shielding the new plaza from dominant Northeast winds while opening its footprint to maximize sun exposure. The green roof extends the local flora and becomes an extension of the pedestrian promenade that offers a new point of view over the town and surrounding nature. The building is a versatile multi-purpose space that can adjust to different uses for locals and visitors. The design promotes awareness and respect for the environment, it is conceived to be energy efficient and resource to passive strategies, the structural system is made of cross-glued timber. The concept respects the local fauna and flora, and pays tribute to the place, with Leiðarhöfði as the central piece, untouched and left in its natural form. An analysis of historic photos revealed a drop in the topography where rainwater was accumulated. We propose to remove the landfill built through time, bringing back this wetland with a new year round purpose: a pond in warmer months, and ice skating ring in the colder ones. A variety of recreation areas made of locally sourced larch frames and recycled fishing gear are spread along the site for different purposes, playgrounds, educational and sports activities.