Kindergarten of Museum Forest

Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

This is a kindergarten reconstruction and expansion project, located in the first residential community built in Shenzhen in the 1980s. On the north side of the base is a preserved old building with a very irregular outline on the south side and very close to the housing.

Rather than following the traditional matrix layout, we developed a new geometric relationship between the new building and the site, by organizing a series of axis in different directions. It is the most efficient way for classrooms to avoid the influence from the residentials and the main road. The gaps among the education blocks give the smooth flow to the entire campus. The new together with the old building enclose a large oval courtyard to hold various group events. Each classroom is surrounded by nature. The space without names in-between classrooms may be small or big, narrow or wide, up or down. Combined with a generative curriculum, these different shapes will be redefined and changed by children and teachers in everyday life. More than just a constant playground, the campus is a living community built by everyone in the kindergarten. Connected by bridges and platforms, are there four cubic units, which are staggered and stacked by three-story standard classrooms. During the day, light and shadow change with the sun. In the evening, the cubes emit mysterious lights, and become a playful maze for kids.