5468796 Architecture

IW09, also known as RNDSQR Block, is an iconic mixed use project, woven carefully into the existing neighbourhood of Inglewood, Calgary. Prominently placed, it enhances urban life through a series of new exterior amenities while achieving density of use through 24/7/365 commercial, office, and residential programs. The existing 2-3 storey street fabric is being replaced by mid-rise structures.

In correspondence, three floors of commercial retail build up from the sidewalk, referencing the scale and height of the Historic Building. Residential floors are stepped up and back from street level, achieved by twisting the entire form away from the Historic Building on the site’s Southwest corner, and the Lawn Bowling court to the Northeast. This cuts away overall mass, creates visual relief, and effectively ’thins’ out the tall portion of the building for residential use. The building form is shaped by site responses and to reduce its impact on adjacent properties. Maintained as a point of interest along the sidewalk, the renovated Heritage Building injects new life through universal access, roof activation, and via a new forecourt at its side. The remaining spaces extend public sidewalks through a diagrid arcade, with select elements removed to reveal building entrances on both streets, every corner, and the Public Lane. The 360 degree building design makes this possible by eliminating facade hierarchy and responding to each corner and public throughway.