Intertwined Eternities

Form4 Architecture

The design for a Columbarium at St Johns Episcopal Church starts with the concept that life is a journey, a pathway, a collection of moments. In this journey life reveals itself slowly and at its own pace.

This journey is rarely linear ... your approach starts with a low wall that gently arcs, gracefully rising to invite you in. Warm stone walls project a sense of history, of gravitas, a rootedness in the earth. As the first wall rises, another wall arcs overhead forming a gateway, a threshold towards sacred ground. The rise and fall implies the ups and downs life presents us as we make our journey. The space they create is of a deeply human scale, it decompresses you and offers a moment of reflection. On the walls are a combination of living poetry and memorial plaques to those who have passed into the next life. 

 These serpentine walls overlap, crisscrossing like a Celtic knot, providing a sense of movement that symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things in life and nature. 

 Here, upon reflection, in the quiet moment these stone walls provide, we can ask these profound questions within the space of our own hearts.