Infinitus Plaza

Zaha Hadid Architects

Infinitus Plaza is the new global headquarters of Infinitus China. Incorporating work environments designed to nurture collaboration and includes the group’s herbal medicine research labs with learning centre.

Located adjacent to Feixiang Park station on Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro, Infinitus Plaza straddles the metro’s sub-surface tunnel, dividing the headquarters into two buildings that interconnect at multiple levels. Situated within Guangzhou’s humid subtropical monsoon climate, Infinitus Plaza has been designed and constructed to LEED Gold certification. Optimization of the structure has reduced the concrete required and increased the proportion of recyclable content. 25,088.33 tons of recycled materials have been used in its construction. Solar irradiation analysis determined the width of the outdoor terraces for self-shading. This analysis has also defined the external perforated aluminium shading panels to optimise reductions in solar heat gain. Operated by the building’s smart management system and powered by photovoltaics, a network of sprinklers spray atomised particles of collected rainwater onto the roof above each atrium to dissipate heat by evaporative cooling effectively lowering interior temperatures by 5°C. The rooftop solar water heating further reduces energy requirements. The project’s system of rainwater collection, filtration and reuse also supplies micro-irrigation to the surrounding landscaping. The gardens on the roof of the 3rd, 7th and 8th floors grow herbs and plants native to the region and are naturally irrigated. These outdoor communal areas are linked together with the rooftop jogging track and walking paths. Green roofs comprise 49.36% of the project’s total roof area.