Huzhou Central Hospital


The concept of ’healing with nature’ is at the core of Huzhou Central Hospital’s design philosophy. With an inpatient ward of 1,500 beds and an outpatient capacity of 6,000 patients per day, the concept breaks through the conventional approaches of large-scale Chinese healthcare design. From the lush, park-like campus, to the openness of the interiors flooded with natural light and views of the surrounding landscape, the new design elevates the experience of overcrowdedness and anxiety often felt at older, traditional hospitals.

Elements of nature, as represented by sunlight, plants, and the surrounding landscape, have been thoughtfully incorporated into the design as a fundamental strategy in aiding the healing process. Through the use of expansive windows and skylights, operable windows and landscaped courtyards, both patients and staff experience an increased sense of comfort with an abundance of natural light and ventilation. The internal circulation uses the concept of a pedestrian ’main street’ as a connector between departments. The street is anchored by a sculptural centerpiece known as the ’Tree of Life’ symbolizing hope and serving to uplift the patient spirit. The hospital is also a critical component in the city's expansion plan. Designed with the concept of a "hospital in a park", the facility integrates a pedestrian-friendly landscape strategy, offering free and open access to the greater community. The project employs various design strategies that target China’s Green Building 2 Star rating. Extensive landscaping utilized throughout the campus aids in reducing heat island effect, and provides suitable habitats for urban wildlife.