Human Convergence

Form4 Architecture

Human Convergence is an architectural invitation to congregate, open-ended and inherently inclusive of the multicultural texture of global society as it stands. Its transformational presence is a confident gesture broadcasting to the world Silicon Valley's paramount role in harnessing human talent under enlightened entrepreneurship.

The proposed architecture is a design attraction for local and international visitors alike, eager to experience the vibes of an effervescent environment filled with a sense of unbounded possibility.

The eastern arc represents a phase when societies rooted in religion were slowly discovering science and its consequences. Life was organized in accord with Nature. To the upper part of the western section of the site, a sunken circular garden stands for the pre-industrial Age. There, modern history starts.

 In traveling the full length of the western portion of the site, the majestic arc contains the Agora and the Sphere facing the Guadalupe River. The former contains cafes, art installations, and areas for spontaneous performances. The latter, floating in space offers a place for people to come together and enjoy art, explore scientific discoveries, and hone their own craft in making things. It is an interactive museum for the reconciliation of these three realms.

 This project both landmarks the present and expresses the convergence of Nature, Culture and Technology to create a more humane future. It brings diverse groups of people together as better human beings in a harmonious way built on a common vision, where compassion for "otherness" is imbued with renewed humanity.