Hälsostaden Hospital, Building 71

White Arkitekter

Building 71 is the first of a series of additions to the hospital area in Ängelholm, Sweden. It is considered particularly significant by setting the benchmark for future phases, whilst establishing the identity of Hälsostaden (Health City) in the local area. It was completed in May 2018 and has a GEA of 13700 sqm.

Building 71 with its surrounding landscape and garden sits at the focal point between the old city centre, the existing hospital buildings and the southern parts of the city. It connects both the different functions of the hospital and on a larger scale, the town itself.

Key principles for the new building are Generality and Flexibility. The building’s skin and cores allow for future adaptations as technology and healthcare standards change. The dimensions of the structural framework enables internal plan layouts that can very efficiently incorporate common healthcare unit rooms.

The healing power of greenery is an important factor in the design, as well as the preservation and careful interventions to the existing qualities of the site. The hospital garden is accessible to everyone and acts as a green oasis for both relaxation and activity.

The interior design of Building 71 draws inspiration from the town’s surrounding nature; fields, beaches, dunes and the forces of weather. Natural materials such as stone and wood dominate the ground floor, kindling a warm, sustainable and robust feeling. This forms a friendly and modern environment that the new hospital aspires to embody.