Guanhu Art-Culture-Sports Center

dS Atelier + TsingHua-Yuan Archi. & Planning Design and Research Ltd. S.Z. (LDI)

This new sports and culture center is built on the site of the former community sports center, which is located at the key node of the riverside green corridor of Guanlan River.

Our target is exploring how a massive art-cultural-sport complex can be subtly integrated into the existing urban fabric while preserving its own characteristics. Accommodating quite diverse activities, this new mix-used urban center is intent to act as an exciting public stage to expand the new possibilities and creativity of urban life. We propose to lift up the main volume of the building, releasing the ground to the public as a sheltered sports park, and bringing the direct pedestrian connection between the city and the river front. A wide landscaped ramp connects the ground plaza with the upper-level plaza, and continues to spiral up along the periphery of the building as a natural extension of the riverside green belt. This circular promenade leads all the way to the Sky Park on the roof. The programming of this complex has quite wide spectrum, covering sports, arts and culture facilities with various volumes and scales. The design categorizes the program spaces according to the functions and the volume scale into three main sectors, and stacks the related spaces with similar volume to pursue the best structure and circulation efficiency. Through the compact and comprehensive design, this new complex increases more opportunities of interaction among diversified activities, encourages the community participation, and helps to build the new and strong community identity.