Guangming Public Service Platform

Zhubo Design

The project is located in Guangming High-tech Park, Shenzhen, China. The first phase has a total construction area of ​​81,200 square meters. It is a solemn, green, modest, modern, and close to the public government office building. The overall image of the building is like an ark riding the wind and waves, floating on the hilly terrain. . The main body of the building is stretched, the pure geometry contrasts strongly with the undulating background mountains. The topological deformation is combined with the double-skin curtain wall structure that fully considers energy-saving factors, and ecological technology is used to reinterpret the urban context, making the entire building very futuristic. but it also evokes memories of distant mountains.

The corresponding functions include internal office and external service. We divide the building into upper and lower sections with different shapes. The office space is located in the upper part, which is made into a square and practical rectangular volume; the bottom part is the public service hall, conference hall and foyer. A relaxed and open space atmosphere. The two separate building volumes are connected together by a curved perforated aluminum panel curtain wall. The "broken" part leaves a passage for sight through the building and a passage for airflow to improve outdoor thermal comfort. We hope that such a special spatial form can make citizens feel the different service image and service attitude of Guangming New District.