Shanghai PTArchitects

Completion date:2021.2.10

Size of project:6615sqm The project explores a new relationship between the high-density city and living space, and seeks to balance fast-paced urban lifestyle and slow-paced leisure experience, so as to enable people to enjoy "vacation" within the city. The project adjoins Lake Tai tourist area, and is built beside water. Drawing inspiration from the striking curves of water drop and yacht, it adopts arc design expressions to outline a plenty of “islands” above and on the ground, which echoes Lake Tai and interprets the concept of "island living". Curved design languages are not only utilized to outline specific forms, but also to organize fluid spaces. Based on the observation of daily life scenes, the design team set five distinct functional areas, including display area, fitness area, beach area, food area and leisure area. Those zones are separated in a soft manner indoors or outdoors, so as to unify spaces and vacation-like experiences in a smooth manner. To create fish scale-like exteriors, more than 15,000 anodized aluminum panels with different speculations are optimized and unified into 4 sizes, through parametric design techniques. Besides, those panels are pieced together with alternating color shades, and are combined with hidden lighting, thus adding rhythmic aesthetics to the multi-layered textured facades during both daytime and night time and forming a flying building form.