Flower Field Bamboo Pavilion -- Urban Park Micro Renovation

Atelier cnS; School of Architecture, South China University of Technology

Project name: Flower Field Bamboo Pavilion– Urban Park MicroRenovation

Clients: Government of Beijiao Town, Foshan City Completion date: 2021.05 Project location: Midea Street Beijiao Town,Shunde District, Foshan City Size of project:Flower Pavilion Site Area: 100 ㎡, Embrace Pavilion Site Area: 300 ㎡ Projects located in the center of Beijiao, Xianmo Flower Field which is a civic park with flowers as the theme. Due to the lack of shadings, there is no place for tourists to rest and stay, which has led to the extremely low utilization rate of the park. We combine parametric design with the traditional craftsmanship of low-carbon raw bamboo materials into two sets of bamboo-structured landscape pavilions to provide residents with a sheltered space, also could hold small events on holidays, which becomes a composite function landmark, at the same time,activate the exploration and application of traditional sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.