Eastern Creek Quarter Stage 1

i2C Architects

Easter Creek Quarter (ECQ) Neighbourhood Shopping Centre is the first stage of a 15-hectare retail development. It is a 6-star Green Star building, situated in the most culturally diverse suburb in Sydney, adjacent to Western Sydney Parklands. ECQ’s planning principle of “celebrating culture and nature” resonated on the masterplan and building form.

All the architectural elements were conceptualised to be significant to the local culture and surrounding nature. Thus, a biophilic architectural skin was created, composed of uniquely designed precast concrete panels called “Dynowave” matched with a random arrangement of seamed metal panels of varying sheens as inspired by the dynamic flow of water in the “creek”. Dynowave is a product of exploring the sculptural properties of concrete. As a result of close collaboration between the designer, form-liner, and mould fabricator optimising every opportunity (size and protrusion of the 3D design from the base surface of the panel) to deliver the design as intended. The precast concrete contractor effectively fabricated the detailed concrete panels offsite and delivered on time during construction. It is a significant architectural feature of the centre that cuts through the centre, connecting inside and out. It showcases an aesthetic that concrete is capable of when designed creatively. ECQ was planned, designed, and built for the locals of Eastern Creek, reflecting the aspirations by fulfilling the project vision - “A place to be proud of, where people feel completely comfortable” and Dynowave provided a distinct identity to the centre to be the pride of the community.