Dunqian Village Rural House

Hangzhou 9M Architectural Design

1. Original Situation of Dunqian Village:

Dunqian Village was a typical aging hollow village. The lack of education, living facilities and the outdated bungalows do not attract young people.

Through the attempt of new residential buildings in northern Jiangsu, it will gather residents of all ages in the three surrounding natural villages, encouraging young people to return home.

2. Inspiration from villagers' participation:

Memories of their hometown and scenes of childhood in the countryside are unforgettable. It is the goal of our project to retain the nostalgia, to restore the unique rural style, and to explore the difference between new farm house and the urban house.

3. Design Concept a. Small public buildings are connected in series by the linear walking system to achieve universal benefits, which is different from the 'center - cluster' dot - shaped radiation structure of urban residential buildings. b. The original water system, natural revetment, big trees in the site, and the 'old village entrance' node are reserved.The landscape also retains 'old' elements such as red brick walls and old slabs. c. The house design is based on the local traditional house and evolves by combining with modern residential functions, trying to retain the traditional space practice of hall and ritual order to a certain extent. d. Draw the line of traditional folk dwellings with the verve of hard brush calligraphy. This project has the simple and tough characteristics of dwellings in North Jiangsu from the angles of cornice depiction, skyline, building group relationship and so on.