Dongpo Academy


The Meishan city, which is close to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, enjoys a long humanity history. The library is located in the Culture Park along the Minjiang River. Su Shi, the famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, is the representative of the ancient and modern recognized as the local spokesman. The Dongpo Academy named after Su Shi (nickname: Dongpo) in honor of the poet, hopes to become the core of Meishan Cultural Village and an important carrier of Meishan culture.

The design attempts to refine the abstract poem of the poet and translate it into a physical space. The concise and bold and leaping building roof reflects the surrounding water system, forming an artistic conception of traditional Chinese ink painting. The space tension formed inside and outside also metaphorically reflects the poet's bold and unrestrained character, forming a dialogue with the poet through time and expressing the concept of "synchronicity". The building area of the library is about 2,500 square meters, of which display and reading space occupies a large proportion. Three large skylights on the roof provide nice vertical natural light for indoor display and reading, together with the four floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces under the eaves. Created a transparent, free and continuous space, allowing the light to pass through at will. And the huge eaves form a multi-spatial pattern of "landscape outdoor - eaves - interior - Zen inner court".