CRRC Qingdao Si Fang Locomotive Park Landscape Design

Antao Design

Located in Shandong Qingdao Hangzhou Road No. 16 in Qingdao car car factory is praised as the locomotive of the Republic "cradle", through a hundred years of wind and rain history, now, the former four car factory has stopped production function, the main body manufacturing plant relocation to Cheng Yang spines flood beach. The rows of old factories and sections of old railway tracks on Hangzhou Road still seem to tell the story of those momentous days.

Andao Design was solemnly commissioned to transform the Sifang engine plant from a previously single-functional production site into a multifunctional urban space that brings together living, working, commercial, campus and nature park through post-industrial renewal. Telling the 120-year history of Sifang Locomotive Factory, Sifang Locomotive Park will bear the emotional memory of Qingdao's post-industry, become the city's creative vitality gathering park, and also the education base for children's cultural industry.