Community Art Gallery of Plum Blossom


The owner of the project is Zhuji Rongcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. The project was completed on December 21, 2021,the building area is 2231 square meters.At the beginning of the design, we started with the history and culture of Zhuji as an important catalyst for the inheritance of Zhuji’s culture and the activation of community vitality, hoping to contribute a valuable high-quality building to users and the city. Therefore, the design hopes to undertake the use of these three different dimensions. First, as the lobby for residents to go home, it forms a community spirit landmark and provides people with a sense of belonging; Second, it can accommodate many life supporting functions, such as fitness and reception; The third is to become the exchange center of community culture and a place for community residents to show their cultural interests.

The main design element of project is the spiral staircase (vertical traffic body). Two spiral staircases organize the two main spaces, indoor and outdoor. The various functions are organized by the paths circling in the space. Sustainability is reflected in: 1. Land saving, most of the space used is underground; 2. Flexible change of functions, mainly large exhibition space, which can be divided and combined.