Cloud Forests; Pavilion for Children’s Play

UNITEDLAB Associates

As a pavilion for Children’s Play, we would like to awaken the children’s senses and create new play spaces. Cloud Forests is an installation that caters to all generations so all ages can appreciate its design; Adults enjoy it as an art object and children play with it.

Built in a museum that was abandoned during construction, the pavilion was designed at the request of the developer who purchased it for the benefit of the community. The project’s budget was $4000 for design, installation and maintenance for 6 months and we used aluminum rods and balloons to create a stimulating environment for children, which turned to become a national scale attraction to the small town.

The site is located in the outdoor exhibition space surrounded by concrete walls with openings. The installation is largely composed of three materials: pink flexible height bars, white balloons, and aluminum wires. The kid’s movement and the touching of the bar will be transmitted to the balloon, causing it to move. How can we create a structure that embraces both space and generation? Thanks to the pole’s varying density, the installation provides children with a circulation path for a run, walk, and stand. Whereas, the less dense areas are wide enough for parents to walk through and supervise their children. There are spaces for play as well as social gathering even in a small place.

It aims to portray a metaphorical aspect and functions as an interactive installation as well as another dimension of art.