CIFI · Jingke Better Airport Sales Center

Shanghai PTArchitects

The architects attempted to adopt relatively new illustration-style design languages to create a dynamic, immersive and experiential exhibition center. Taking design cues from La Muralla Roja, which was built in 1973 and designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, the project is expected to be built into a surreal urban labyrinth. Given that a public lawn is located on the east of the site, the architects planned to combine it to create a three-dimensional city park. Meanwhile, intriguing symbols were brought to various important interfaces, in order to enhance popularity of the project. Based on the pursuits and aesthetics of targeted young customers, the architects displayed the vibrant life in the city park through an impressive color palette and engaging interactivity.

The architecture is not a single isolated entity. Many approaches such as the "carving" and softening of site, the extension and connection of space and the integration and contrast of colors were adopted to harmoniously integrate the terrain, architecture, landscape and interior space. No enclosure walls are set along the road. Instead, the open greenery and transitional waterscapes form with the city.

Unique coatings with stone-like textures contribute to enhancing a living atmosphere, while landscapes, concave spaces and orderly metallic walls strengthen the guiding role of the entrance. The pink glazed glass volume with gradually changing hues adds liveliness to the whole architecture, and the striking high-saturation color blocks in the interior space echo with the source of the design inspiration, together enhancing the overall atmosphere of the sales center.