Ibanez Shaw Architecture

The 570 sqm Chroma modern eyewear and eyecare is placed along Montgomery Street adjacent to the Fort Worth Cultural District that includes museums by Louis Khan, Tadoa Ando, and Legoretta +Legoretta. This site is immediately across the street from, a new 14,000 seat multipurpose venue.The Building interacts with the community that swirls and stacks up around it. The approach through the staccato frames of the elevated walkway carry into the interior as meandering displays allow an exploration and expanded viewing of eyewear. The optical sales and waiting area is set in a glass box that extents from the concrete form. Like a piece of art protected within a clear enclosure. The sculptural interior is on display and invigorated every night, projecting the compelling customer experience of the interior outward to the cultural district, openly exhibited to the community.