Cangzhou Mingzhu International Clothing Industry Characteristic Town’s Service Community studio

Mingzhu International Clothing Industry Characteristic Town of Cangdong Economic Development Zone is led by fashion industry. The town integrates with industrial cluster and service, industrial park development, R&D of costume design, one-stop purchasing of fabric and accessories. At the beginning of design, we started from practical functions andpresent situations and pursued the best materials and delicate craftsmanship while ensuring basic functions. The combination of design, beauty and spatial atmosphere creates a functional yet attractive area.In terms of spatial organization, we stacked the functional spaces, living communities and supporting services with an open entry as connection. We intended to create a three-dimensional composite space, where commercial, exhibition, working, living and leisure functions can be integrated into one so as to achieve an ideal scenario of coexistence. The space is constructed through stagger and intersection of volumes and many courtyards and open spaces are created between building masses. Via the shift of the solid and void space, the in-between spaces enable natural transition between different functional blocks and courtyardsand produce different light and shadows. The goal is to form a professional clothing industry cluster that integrates industry aggregation and services, industrial park development, clothing design research and development, one-stop sourcing of materials and accessories, financial services, logistics services, marketing services, branding, and exhibition services.