Bergen True Blue

White Arkitekter

True Blue is set in an industrial waterfront bay area in Bergen, Norway. As part of the city’s vision for the future, the bay will turn into a park and leisure area. True Blue won the design competition and the park is slated to open in 2022. It has a GEA of 50000 sqm.

The overarching concept of the proposal is about improving the water quality in the bay. The project’s point of departure is “life in the water – life on land”. The True Blue proposal contains natural systems to purify the water that runs into the bay, as well as sub surface additions to stimulate the marine ecology. These systems are carefully designed to be both functional, attractive and a source of learning for visitors.

The spatial sequence provides a series of exciting experiences as you move along the coastline, following a hierarchy of spaces in different scales and character. Water is dealt with in a variety of ways, from purification to shelter, to leisure and views.

A sea bath in the shape of a starfish connects to the mainland by a pontoon. It is made of a series of triangular volumes arranged around three geometric pools. The triangular forms will shelter a sauna, picnic areas and kayak rental facilities. The sea bath also connects different parts of the bay.

True Blue will activate life in and around the bay and is designed to evolve over the next 200 years.