ANNA Stay Model 2022


The ANNA Stay Model 2022 is not a cabin but a spaceship. A spaceship that brings you back to Planet Earth. It has two protective sliding shells that allow you to open up and become part of your surroundings instead of being merely a spectator. The inner shell is made of double glass, the outer shell is made of wood. By adjusting the two shells ANNA changes and adapts to the weather, your mood or the occasion. ANNA allows to connect to a reality in which we naturally belong. This way you experience the beauty of a fierce rain shower from under the glass roof, you wake up among the birds in the early morning and you are mesmerized at night by the starry sky directly above your bed.

ANNA is modularly developed, which results into short construction time on site and therefor a minimal ecological disruption. Besides, ANNA is designed in such a way that 80% of her unique parts can in the future, via a digital file, be produced locally all over the world on CNC machines and 3D printers (mounting material). Furthermore, rubber and aluminium extrusion techniques were used, resulting into 26 for ANNA uniquely designed extrusion profiles to ensure that ANNA always slides perfectly and is water- and windtight. The most innovative part being the patented aluminium rails. Finally, following the principle of Thomas Rau's materials passport, all materials of ANNA can be completely separated and reused.