Airport City Jeddah

Chapman Taylor

Airport City is a 1.91 million m² GBA masterplan development adjacent to Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport. Airport City introduces an innovative complete mixed-use community concept to the region, creating diverse tourism and business opportunities while also providing a venue for the local community to enjoy family and leisure activities.

Jeddah is a UNESCO World Heritage City and the tourist capital of Saudi Arabia. The airport is the main international gateway to the holy cities of Madinah and Makkah as well as Jeddah itself. Airport City will become the principal entry port or gateway to the Kingdom and a key element in the future development of the city to the north. Our designs are inspired by nature, history, local traditional architecture and art. A central part of the brief is to design flexibility into the development to easily adapt to social and market-led changes and achieve the most efficient and sustainable solutions. The proposed masterplan, based on the idea of interconnectivity through a circulation network allows maximum flexibility for future uses. Sustainability is embedded in the design, including the use of responsibly sourced materials, renewable energy technology and efficient space design. Ecological conservation is considered throughout. The client’s objectives are to capitalise on the wonderful strategic location, creating an elegant, modern and human-scale community. They want a memorable experience for visitors, catering for progressive tastes while providing an innovative landmark project constructed to the highest possible quality.