The Henderson

Zaha Hadid Architects

Client: Henderson Land Development Company Limited

Located in Hong Kong’s central business district, 2 Murray Road, will be the iconic building for 21st century Hong Kong. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with Arup Sustainability and Microsoft as our IT consultant, the 36-storey tower aims to be a game-changer of commercial development combining elements of sustainability, smartness, health and wellness for future generations to come.

Having obtained the international LEED & WELL sustainability accreditations, and being one of the first “Healthy Buildings” in Hong Kong, the tower provides naturally lit, column-free, Grade A long-span open office space with a 5m storey height giving maximum usage flexibility. The hi-tech all-glass double-laminated 3D-curved façade, precisely fabricated and crafted in Europe, creates "facade resilience" and optimizes views out, while blocking unwanted UV-rays, creating a stress-less office environment.

The project-specific patented Solar Responsive Ventilator (SRV) recognised by the National Intellectual Property Authority for its “novelty” and “inventiveness” – cools the glass facade perimeter with a “cool air cushion” using clean energy harvested via solar panels on the rooftop. For users’ convenience and better pandemic defense, the tower incorporates a smart contactless access control augmented by the patented lift sterilization design, yet upholding a high security provision.

Not only is 2 Murray Road a sculpture in itself, somewhat resembling HK’s city flower, but with Henderson Land’s continued commitment to sustainability and social benefits, we are creating high quality public and private spaces. 2 Murray Road shall be an exemplary workplace and a neighborhood friendly pedestrian hub, tailored for the future generations.