1.AI Future Community 2.The school on the platform 3.Vertical Academy

Dplus Studio

Project name 1:Shanghai zhagnjiang AI Future Community

Client:Moon star Investment Development Co., Ltd


Building area:20,000 s.q.m

According to the spotty pattern in urban space layout,put 17 independent and lower density blocks, feature is scattered, loose and orderly, in order to bring in the landscape resource of river and filter it into this land, which also greatly guarantees to share this resource in terms of vision,space and pedestrian system with the high-density buildings community in the south of construction site.The aim of the project is to bring the experimental exploration of commercial space come to life.

Project name 2:The school on the platform,Shanghai

Complete:2019 Client:Shanghai Foreshore International Business District Investment (Group) Co. LTD

Building area:54,000 s.q.m

The L-shaped step platform which faces the playground and is located on the second floor,effectively connects the Primary School Department, High School Department and Sports & Recreation Department in a way of streamline, and forms an aerial stand around the playground where people can enjoying sport activities.Teachers and students can stroll in this aerial open space to walk around t.

Project name 3:Suzhou Vertical Academy Client:Social Service Center of Suzhou Science and Technology Town Complete:2017 Building area:53,400 s.q.m

Louis.Kahn said “teaching under a huge tree ”.we put the inner courtyard in a compact standardized teaching unit on the side of the city,and put a three-dimensional garden in the inattentive communication space that is facing to the side of the natural landscape.We build the relationship between the school functions and the nature.