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Category Name Category Id Category Item Id Description
PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE BUILDINGS 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4zt9k93prap0p7gwds0cd0npwx <p>Award-winning architecture in publicly accessible environments, whether performance spaces, galleries or historic sites should create an unforgettable sense of place, a true sense of community and be a joy to use. Projects should show how new architectural interventions or renovated structures pay attention to their surroundings in design terms, with sustainability high on the agenda.<br></p>
COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 41yw5qec976r3zcy05tzt31345 <p>Office buildings, industrial premises, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping centres and other commercial architectural projects should showcase a clever brand identity as well as providing a productive and enjoyable environment for end users. Projects should perfectly reflect the client’s values and enhance its public image as well as making significant inroads in terms of sustainability.<br></p>
EDUCATION 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4na30fe2xshns5z65597q4nbct <p>Outstanding projects for universities, colleges, schools, early years settings and training facilities should enhance the educational experience for students, teachers, other staff and visitors. The architecture should be inclusive to allow for different learning styles, promoting collaborative study while providing areas for more concentrated academic work. They should make the most of natural light and sustainable materials plus incorporating green spaces.<br></p>
HEALTHCARE 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4k0k1sb6xm9q6xh8635reg6gnr <p>Best in class healthcare buildings from hospitals and clinics to care homes and surgeries should prioritise patient centred architecture, promoting healing and dignity and enhancing the wellbeing of patients, medical staff and visitors. Projects should create a supportive environment that makes exemplary use of natural light, colour, greenery and artwork to improve the quality of care, all while paying due consideration to sustainability goals.<br></p>
LEISURE 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4wgp9mnn85szq7ym9c7hp5rcnn <p>Buildings in this category from sports facilities such as gymnasiums and swimming pools to large stadiums and athletics venues should be memorable and engaging. The architecture should create a warm welcome, bringing people together while catering to a diverse range of user groups. Projects should sensitively incorporate accessibility requirements and promote sustainability<br></p>
RESIDENTIAL 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4n8d8kmywbhh9xan38qr9vngxa <p>This category is given over to private sector multi-occupancy residential buildings including apartments and student housing. What unites successful projects in this category is awe-inspiring architecture that reflects residents’ values and aspirations, creating a sense of place and community and providing safe, comfortable environments that engage with the surrounding area. Quality of life for residents and climate-conscious design are paramount.<br></p>
TRANSPORT 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 44h4dj9ajvwnm2mkqtaff3pz5f <p>Ground-breaking architecture for airports, seaports, railway stations, bus terminals or other transport interchanges should consider the functional needs of large passenger groups to avoid congestion, while providing a pleasant and easily navigable space for the individual. Clear signage, comfortable waiting spaces, ample food and beverage services, connection with the surrounding environment and strong accessibility and sustainability credentials are all essential elements.<br></p>
MULTI-USE 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4kvqvkj5v3hqn1xgpqp3wfr95s <p>Seamlessly integrating the various uses and typologies within the architectural scheme is the ultimate aim for projects in this category. Multi-use schemes should be vibrant and integrated environments supporting a mix of residential, commercial and leisure uses with a strong sense of community, while also meeting the eco-friendly priorities of the stakeholders involved.<br></p>
PUBLIC REALM 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4nrszqeesr7ah3mwzcycqx1hc5 <p>Creating a safe and inviting public realm, which includes places such as parks, plazas and pedestrian areas comes from innovative architectural concepts that create engaging places people want to visit and linger in. Projects should reflect the cultural and social values of the local community, consider inclusivity and accessibility and pay due attention to ecological considerations.<br></p>
MASTER PLANNING 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 41znc5226n9b4tavavqpbet2c8 <p>Award-winning master planning demonstrates a clear understanding of what it takes to create a cohesive urban environment, which successfully caters to the diverse needs and interests of various user groups. Projects should showcase a ground-breaking approach to placemaking, functionality and sustainability.<br></p>
FUTURE PROJECTS 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4308hjhp4cv8n47n3dat6311mw <p>Future Projects in the categories of publicly accessible buildings, commercial buildings, education, healthcare, leisure, residential, transport, multi-use and public realm should bring innovative architectural concepts to life, demonstrating a well-planned approach. They should take the viewer on an unforgettable journey of the intended user experience including current and future needs and clearly demonstrate the cultural, social and environmental values of the client.<br></p>
SECTOR CATEGORIES 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 448819s3j1wdyw3nzzj9pwrb50
HOUSE OF THE YEAR 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4fxsekwwx6qt6sr6q65gpfwv4a <p>This one-of-a-kind individual dwelling should demonstrate a well-planned approach reflecting the owner’s priorities and personality. The House of the Year should showcase exceptional craftsmanship and the highest standards of construction, while addressing environmental and societal concerns with attention to detail throughout.<br></p>
ADAPTIVE REUSE – BIG 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4wee28s3zwta92xw8aavqnwz58 <p>Projects should show an understanding and appreciation of the original historical and cultural significance as well as deftly transforming the structure into somewhere fit for purpose, harnessing the scale and seamlessly integrating new and old elements. Retrofit schemes save on embodied carbon but large-scale adaptive reuse projects should go further in terms of reuse of materials, energy efficiency and reducing waste.<br></p>
ADAPTIVE REUSE – SMALL 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4sk0nejberthv3q709q9f8v55q <p>Projects should maximise the potential of the existing building within the constraints of its size. Entries should show evidence of a creative and innovative architectural approach. They should retain the original structure where appropriate, reuse materials and sensitively introduce newer elements and sustainable design features to meet the modern-day demands of its users.<br></p>
AFFORDABLE HOUSING 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4ps7a9y7987qx2vzkteq5489ng <p>Entries should showcase a thoughtful architectural approach to multi-occupancy residential schemes intended for those with a household income at or below the median in terms of housing affordability. Living areas should be comfortable and adaptable with safe communal spaces that encourage social cohesion and local pride. Award-winning affordable housing schemes should promote accessibility and inclusivity through high-quality construction that balances environmental care and users’ wellbeing.<br></p>
ACCESSIBILITY 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4bam86aj42eh9s4x77ratedmdb <p>This award celebrates architectural projects which ensure everyone can access and use a space safely and independently. This encompasses everything from ramps and lifts to wider doorways and hallways, inclusive signage and wayfinding, accessible WCs and also acknowledging neurodivergent users in terms of appropriate lighting, colours, patterns and materials.<br></p>
FAÇADE 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4sgc8y132cpfa7p3qq44x58bxw <p>This award recognizes architectural projects with exceptional exteriors. Award winning projects will have aesthetic appeal while also offering a durable and sustainable façade that pays tribute to the building’s context and is in harmony with the surrounding environment. The judges will be looking for outstanding use of colour and/or imaginative use of materials such as glass and timber as well as facades that respond to the challenge of climate change and offer user comfort.<br></p>
SMALL SPACES 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4b2hmmp615xg442k6spxy8ycds <p>Winning entries must show how the potential of the site has been maximised to create well- crafted, multifunctional spaces that work hard to cater to the users’ needs, improving their quality of life. Small can be not only beautiful but also functional, adaptable and environmentally friendly.<br></p>
BRIDGES 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4a1jnbz62cc4zx9d8b90hf2p59 <p>Outstanding bridge designs should be visually striking and sensitive to their local environments. In addition to satisfying structural, environmental and safety standards, they should show a thorough understanding of materials and construction techniques as well as traffic flow and access. The winning project should be a showstopping structure that captures the imagination.<br></p>
HUMANITARIAN 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4abwfeb7ckpj91m0hz7jzkafm1 <p>This category is dedicated to architectural schemes that focus on the needs of people and communities and how design can improve quality of life for all. Projects should understand the specific local challenges in terms of health, safety, education and economic development through meaningful engagement and design innovation with measurable impact.<br></p>
OVERALL SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE PROJECT 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4jwacj3zp1d364cjdvjq5sstnw <p>The winning project should stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable architecture balancing environmental, social and economic priorities. There should be strong evidence of reducing the project’s carbon footprint, minimising waste and maximising energy efficiency, as well as raising awareness of sustainable design principles and inspiring others to act against climate change.<br></p>
INNOVATION 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4kzgcq14f4d3dxfs3cnax92b4m <p>This category celebrates all forms of innovation in architecture, pushing the limits of what was presumed possible in terms of construction techniques, material specification and cutting-edge technology. In addition, the judges will be looking for an innovative approach to adaptability of use, the social impact of schemes and their sustainability credentials<br></p>
SPECIALIST CATEGORIES 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 451986b1vzjed4wyn5yq32thcr
OUTSTANDING PROJECT 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4h4qnjsnnyke024gr863xstmwq <p>The gold award winning projects from all other categories will be eligible to be considered for the Outstanding Project award.</p>
EMERGING PRACTICE OF THE YEAR 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4yj39cxme5cfg511n8w67nyhxc <p>This award recognises up-and-coming architecture firms and gives them the platform to showcase their work on a global stage. The category is designed for all firms under 10 years old or founded after 1 January 2014.<br></p>
ESTABLISHED PRACTICE OF THE YEAR 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 4qea5b8z22hxa5fs7qn45vz0mx <p>This award recognises architecture firms and gives them the platform to showcase their work on a global stage. The category is designed for all firms over 10 years old or founded before 1 January 2014.<br></p>
JUDGES’ AWARDS 47anbhtpzjnjf1h54tdyzddhwa 47pg4z811xpft0rd0yfmgty55k <p>The winners of any of the above pay-to-enter categories will be automatically entered into the below categories.</p><p>They are not open for entry, winners are chosen at the Judges' discretion.</p>
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