Results 2020

Grand Prix

Shui Wei 3D Community

Doffice for Futian District Government Shenzhen, ShumYip Land Investment LTD. and ShuiWei Village

Longquan Dayao National Archaeological Park Visitor And Exhibition Center

Office Off Course

Name of client:"Maritime Silk Road" Cultural Heritage Committee
 Completion date:Feb,2019
 Floor area:755m² (south part)1056m²(north part)
 Longquan kiln,which lasted for eight hundred years,is the most representative porcelain kiln system in the history of Chinese ceramics. The ...

Peter Culley, Spatial Affairs Bureau

Spatial Affairs Bureau is a multiple award-winning architecture, design and landscape firm based in Los Angeles and London UK led by Peter Culley.
 The practice is recognised for its emphasis on critical research as a way into each project, and an ability to pertinently identify and embrace the limits that emerge from that process.

Tongling Recluse、The Chengdu VUE Resort Phase I & The Cropland-loop Resort

RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang

Tongling Recluse
 Project Location: Anhui, China 
 Type: Private Residence 
 Floor Area: 160 m2
 Built Time: July. 2018 
 Tongling Recluse is originally a damaged mixed style dwelling. For the layout, we added a span in the west as well as the south-north. The previous walls shaped the ma...

The Library in Jinjiang Campus

SZAD/Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron

The library is the largest public space as a central hall in the Campus The entire campus plan was inspired by the "Red Brick Cuo Village" preserved from Ming Dynasty, which is constructed in a unique way with white stone embedded in red brick wall. Our strategy is to create vertical and horizontal flowing space into nature, and m...

Lacime Architects

Based in Shanghai, Lacime Architects adheres to the architectural design philosophy "Simplify complicated material, back to the origin.” The name "Lacime" was given by founder Song Zhaoqing, which derives from French with meaning of "peak”, expressing the practice’s aim to design first-class arc...

BIT Sports Center

Atelier Alter Architects

During modernization, education in China breaks away from the obsolete test-oriented mentality and embraces comprehensive learning gradually. Beijing Institute of Technology tries to find new learning models that integrate science and Libra art. In response, the design reiterates Da Vinci’s interdisciplinary dialogue on science, a...

Atelier Archmixing: The Architecture of Change

Atelier Archmixing’s urban renovations have applied flexible strategies and achieved varied outcomes, while they all root in the understanding of the built environment as a temporal process and architectural change as a neutral state. Through moving the office every year in Shanghai to accommodate existed venues into their own design work...


Saint Mary's Student Chapel

Mark Cavagnero Associates for Saint Mary’s College High School

Nestled into the entry of Saint Mary’s College High School campus, the rise of the Student Chapel’s sleekly articulated white concrete provides an icon marking the community. The school’s mission of educating the under-served, and of striving to provide a sense of safety, calm, and comfort to their students has bee...

Santa Rosa Junior College Burbank Auditorium

Mark Cavagnero Associates for Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College sought to modernize its 80 year old Burbank Auditorium by transforming and updating all interior spaces to support its popular performing arts program while preserving the building’s historic shell in keeping with the heritage character of the campus. As the main theatrical venue for the District, Luther Burbank ...

Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Mark Cavagnero Associates for Monterey Bay Aquarium

With growing demand for its one-of-a-kind educational offerings, the Monterey Bay Aquarium spearheaded a new Education Center, marking the largest physical expansion to-date of the nearly 35-year-old institution. Continuing the mission to cultivate and inspire the next generation of ocean conservation leaders, the Aquarium is now able t...



The new Day Care Center for People with Alzheimer’s Disease in Benavente (Spain), arises from the aging of the region's population. When designed, there was no proven scheme for this typology.

Therefore, the first task was to understand the logic of this typology and crystallize it into an architectural scheme. Another impo...


Archi-Solution Workshop

“Trees-Parency” is a loft for a digital workshop. As an expansion of a carrier-made building, formerly hosting an industrial robot arm, this renovation demonstrates an intensive collaboration between designer and automate machine. Therefore, U-glass features a new instance. For broadening the ground floor, a corridor was...

Moscone Center Expansion

Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM) with Mark Cavagnero Associates (MCA)

Moscone Center, located in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, is an expansive collection of spaces that accommodates a variety of convention-related activities.

Part of a 25-year master plan designed by the same team, the project is a key economic driver and jewel box for the City. Located in San Francisco’s cu...

Adohi Hall

Leers Weinzapfel Associates, Modus Studio, Mackey Mitchell, OLIN

Adohi Hall, a 708-bed student housing complex at the University of Arkansas, demonstrates a pioneering use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and an innovative approach to live-learn communities, with embedded arts and academic spaces. Completed in August 2019, it is the largest mass timber building to date (202,000 sq ft), and...

Future Projects

The Panda Pavilions

EID Architecture

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the world’s leading research institute on panda preservation, is embarking on a significant campus expansion in a national forest park near outskirts of Chengdu. Designed by Ping Jiang at EID Architecture, a 12,000+ Sq m, group of four panda pavilions has been approved by the ...

Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Preserve

Ennead Architects

Located on an island at the mouth of the Yangtze River and set within a 17.5-hectare landscape, the 427,000 GSF nature reserve building comprises a dual-function aquarium and research facility, bringing together efforts to repopulate the dwindling numbers of Chinese Sturgeon and Finless Porpoise with an engagement of the public to build...

Impression Tai Chi Theatre • Chenjiagou, China

Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University for Tang Hongjun, Sheng Wenge, Xu Tengfei

Located in Chenjiagou, China, the cradle of Chinese Tai Chi Chuan, the project is an iconic modern public theatre.

The designers aimed to use a light and simple shape, blurred boundaries and open public space to attract visitors and citizens for leisure and various activities. In brief, an integrated venue where people can ex...


RSP Architects

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, the Wishbone is a public promenade over the Mississippi River's only waterfall. The Wishbone utilizes the obsolete lock and dam structure to create a public elevated walkway connecting the east and west sides of the river while providing new access to the water. The place is rich with history; once as th...

Shenzhen Longgang Vanke Bantian Air Conditioning Factory

Yijing Architectural design

Shenzhen Longgang Vanke Bantian Air Conditioning Factory, located in the northwest side of the intersection of Yabao Road and Yanan Road in Longgang District of Shenzhen, has a height of 70 meters and a total of 14 floors.

It is a key urban renewal project in Longgang District which was built on the original site of the demolished air co...

MC2 - Masdar City

Woods Bagot for Masdar

Lead Consultant, Architecture and Interiors: Woods Bagot

Specialist Project Partners: AESG, Mott MacDonald, Desert Ink, Brimaxx, Studio Lumen, JLL

Visualisations: ERA – VisComms, Beauty and the Bit, Plomp, Bitscapes, Mozses

Masdar is a leader in sustainability and clean energy. The MC2 project ...

The Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters

Benoy for Alibaba Group

The Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters project is a major mixed-use development located in Nanjing, China. It has a GFA of 850,000m2 and is due for completion in 2023. The client envisioned a campus that would demonstrate collaboration between the Alibaba culture and its business partners within a holistic ecosystem: a showcase to display its inn...

Future Schools of Kuwait


The PAHW in Kuwait has embarked on a program to radically redesign schools within the country to offer more student-centred, technological and experiential forms of learning. The vision for this project was to design a school for Generation Alpha - those that will live through the next 50 years – whilst transitioning Kuwait’s outdat...

University of Guelph - Ontario Agricultural College Honey Bee Research Centre

Moriyama & Teshima Architects

The new Honey Bee Research Centre (HBRC) at the University of Guelph, Ontario College of Agriculture will be an iconic, state-of-the-art research and event centre dedicated to honey bee health. Focused on research, education, discovery, and learning from one of nature’s greatest architects – the honeybees – thi...

Hoppet – Preschool and innovation project for fossil-free building

LINK arkitektur for Lokalförvaltningen City of Gothenburg, Derome

The preschool Hoppet is part of an exciting building and innovation project initiated by the City of Gothenburg. Climate impact has been key throughout the design process, from the choice of materials, to the design of the building and its location on site. As a result, current calculations show a reduced climate impact of almost 70 per...

Belmont Middle and High School

Perkins and Will for Town of Belmont

Located within a bucolic campus setting at the center of town and embracing Claypit Pond, the new Belmont High School and Middle School is organized around an interior street linking with distinct High School and Middle School entrances. The three-story central space of the plan is activated by dining, learning commons, and maker spaces...

University of Glasgow Research Hub


This new 16,800sm Research Hub will provide a state-of-the-art facility for researchers to investigate significant global challenges and establishes a free-thinking, collaborative environment at the heart of the University’s new Gilmorehill campus. The Hub will focus on five thematic areas of research: ‘Technology Touching Life&...

IMMERSED IN NATURE - The Taikang Gui-Garden Elderly Care Community Center

SUNLAY for Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.

The Taikang Gui-Garden Elderly Care Community Center is located in the eastern area of Nanning City. The project includes support for independent living, medical care, an activity center and a relatively independent residential area. The design concept of the project originated from the local natural landscape and culture of Guangxi.

By ...

Taikang Community Daqinggu

Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings

Taikang Community Daqinggu is located in the Daqinggu scenic area of Hangzhou China, which is considered as a flagship CCRC(Continuing Care Retirement Community)of Taikang in east China, where it consists of hospital, nursing houses, recreation center and residential buildings. In Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279), Hangzhou exper...

Sanikiluaq New Health Centre

Regis Côté and Associates

Sanikiluaq is located at the parallel 56 N, part of the Belcher Islands, in the Hudson Bay, Northern Canada. As situated in the fastest-growing region on a per capita basis, the new health centre is part of the replacement plan of obsolete health facilities in remote locations of Northern Canada. The existing one was built in the ea...

Fulham FC Riverside Stand Redevelopment


The redevelopment of the Riverside Stand for Fulham FC will create a vibrant new destination within this part of West London, providing new facilities for the local community and benefitting local businesses by drawing an influx of new visitors to the area.

The building’s form echoes the gentle curve of the river, while a gleaming ...

Penghu North Sea Visitor Center, Taiwan

JJP Architects and Planners

The North Sea Visitor Center is a key ferry terminal to Penghu’s outlying islands. While tourists abound in the summer, the center is devoid of activities in the winter due to the site’s exposure to the bitter northeast winds. As the existing center is slated for demolition due to structural corrosion, this project aims to intro...

Transformer Factory Theatrical District

Atelier Alter Architects for OCT Group

Sited at the West-south of Erhai Lake, at the edge of the ancient citadel of Dali, an abandon transformer factory is transformed into a theatrical park. The original workshop, storage and office are turned into theater, new media art, and mutli-sensual caterings. The main performance venue is the Transformer Theatre that creates...

San Rafael Park


San Rafael Park is a 1,200 ha park located 30 minutes far from Bogota DC city centre. The park surrounds the main potable water reservoir that supports Bogota and is part of the El Sapo Protected Natural Reserve. Due to the strict requirements in terms of natural protection, all the activities projected are passive recreational activities.

Hydroelectric Sculpture Gallery

Margot Krasojević Architecture for Southern Federal District, Southern Russia Krasnodar Krai

The site is located in Sochi, a coastal city on the inland Black Sea in Russia, the commissioned brief was to design a sculpture/mobile. The proposed building design employs the oscillating water column principle to harness wave energy converting this mechanical energy to generate electricity, the building also accommodates the brief...

Victor Hugo Eco-district

Ameller Dubois

In the South of Paris, the Victor Hugo Eco District was born from the dynamic driven by The Grand Paris Express involving the creation of 200 km new metro lines and 68 stations set to link the various areas of Metropolitan Paris.

Near the new Bagneux Station, the project occupies a strategic position. The main challenge in its developmen...

Shenzhen Meilin Dongguan Sci-Tech Building

Yijing Architectural design

Shenzhen Meilin Dongguan Sci-Tech Building is the future headquarter of Dongguan Group. Located southwest where Meilin Road and Kaifeng Road meet, the tower building is 200 meters tall with 41 floors. When completed, it will become an iconic super high-rise urban service center in Meicai area of Shenzhen that combines business, finance&...

Changbai 228 Block Urban Renewal

Lacime Architects

Changbai 228 Block Urban Renewal is a mixed-use future project, of which architects hope to make the practical spirit of this land alive, that is, transforming the place with single “living function” into that with “public combined functions”. Built as the solution to living problem of workers in 1950s, &ldqu...

BaseCamp Lyngby

Lars Gitz Architects

Guest Artist Space

Elsie Owusu Architects for Yinka Shonibare CBE (RA)

Set in the fast-growing suburb of Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria guest artist’s space provides a multifaceted living, working and public space for prominent British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare CBE. The scheme pays close attention to environmental control in the tropical climate providing spaces for visiting artists, friends and famil...

Oaks Phase 1, Prague

JTP, Chapman Taylor and McGarry Moon for Arendon Development Company

The Oaks is created on a vision for a modern community in the countryside where life revolves around healthy, active, outdoor living. JTP’s Pattern Book, created in 2014, documents the DNA of Czech villages serving to inform the design of the masterplan, landscape, and individual buildings. Successful entries of the in...


Jestico + Whiles for Realism

‘Sakura’ is a prestigious new 67-apartment building on a stunning hilltop location within the Prague 5 district of Košíre, offering incredible panoramic views across the city. The client, TE Premium Development, ran an invited design competition for the project with a brief that called for innovative housing fo...

Development of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

AE7 for Dubai Muncipality

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (RAWS) is located at the end of the Upper Dubai Creek, it is home to approximately 270 species of fauna and 47 species of flora. RAWS is identified as a globally important Bird Area by Birdlife International and is a unique wetland within the UAE, having been declared as the UAE’s first RAMSAR Site i...

Tank Park


Wynyard Quarter was once a bay known as Waiatarau ‘The Reflecting Waters’. The land was incrementally reclaimed from the Waitematā Harbour over the last century, and has served industrial purposes for most of that time – housing bulk storage of tallow, cooking oils, petrochemicals and caustic soda colloquially known a...

Communities in Landscape - Mahindra World City Jaipur


Mahindra World City Jaipur (MWCJ), is Asia’s first and the world’s largest project to receive C40 Climate Positive Development Stage 2 Certification. Located in a hot and semi-arid climate, the development lies 15km south-west of Jaipur’s Centre, India. MWCJ is currently dominated by employment zones and has a limited ...

Guangzhou Shipyard Master Plan

SPARK Architects for Guangzhou Guangchuan Shipbuildings Co.,Ltd.

SPARK has completed the master planning of Guangzhou Shipyard, a waterfront urban regeneration of the historic Guangzhou International Shipyard. The master plan has a total construction area of 1.2 million square metres including residential, culture, offices, retail, recreation, education and healthcare facilities.

The s...


Barrocal Park

Topiaris Landscape Architecture for Municipality of Castelo Branco

Topiaris design team: Teresa Barão, Luis Ribeiro, Catarina Viana, Elsa Calhau, André Godinho, Ana Beja da Costa, Rita Salgado, Ana Lemos, Bartolomeu Perestrello External collaborators: Architecture: Olavo Dias, Sérgio Sousa & João Gago dos Santos. Structures: FTD - Pedro ...

Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen


City of Copenhagen (client), HOFOR (client), NIRAS (engineer), Viatrafik (traffic), Jens Rørbech (consultant), Ebbe Dalsgaard (contractor)

Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen is the City of Copenhagen’s new landmark for blue green climate adaptation - and the city’s largest and greenest cloudburst project...

Køge Kyst / Køge Shore

Juul | Frost Architects

The landscape brings the dwellers even closer to the local nature with the view to the flora of the salt meadow, the sound of the sea breeze in the lyme grass, the touch of sand beneath their feet and the hues of the coast line in their courtyard – Here, the residents can literally step from their terraces into the sandbars.


Salesforce Transit Center and Park

PWP Landscape Architecture

Completed in August 2018, this multi-modal transit center in downtown San Francisco links 11 transit systems and connects the city to the region, the state, and the community.

The sustainable design includes a 5.4-acre rooftop park that is the central public open space of a new mixed-use neighborhood. Salesforce Park brings nature...

Parque Central

Gustafson Porter + Bowman

The first phase of Parque Central (11.5ha) is comprised of a series of varied, multi-level gardens and re-purposed railway buildings that collectively serve as a focal point for a range of age groups and community uses. It opened to the public in 2019. Defined by bold features and the use of water throughout, Parque Central distils the hist...

He Art Museum

Tadao Ando Architect & Associates


He Art Museum (HEM), is a private non-profit art institution located in Shunde, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and hopes to be a place devoting to exhibition, research, education and dissemination of knowledge about modern Chinese art and global c...

Maitland Levee and Riverlink Building

McGregor Coxall & CHROFI

With a shop front vacancy of 50%, Maitland High Street pedestrian mall was a posterchild for the urban blight that affects many regional centres in Australia. McGregor Coxall developed a ten year urban regeneration masterplan that commenced with a stage one conversion of the mall to a shared street called the Levee. The revamped street has brou...

Canal Park

128 architecture & urban design for Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

Mexico city Mayor. Infrastructure Ministry. Water authority. Indi. karisma construction.Ricardo Pérez, Angie Moreno, Fernanda Lozano, Fronda

Canal park Mexico’s city canal infrastructure has an evolution up to pre-Columbian times, which commenced with the Lake and flood control of the ancient city. Today, the pas...

Qingxi Culture and History Museum in Sangzhou

The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University

Located in Yunanshangang, Sangzhou Town, Ninghai County, Zhejiang, the project is positioned as a small cultural and tourism building that features a visitor center, an exhibition space and an experience center of Sangzhou Town’s culture and history. 

The base is built on a beautiful terraced field, close to mo...

Buhais Geology Park and Museum

Hopkins Architects

The Museum lies 30 miles south-east of the city of Sharjah in a region of exceptional geological significance, featuring an abundance of marine fossils from over 65 million years ago, spectacular mountain ranges and ancient burial sites from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
Seeking to create a series of exhibition spaces which ...

Financial City Community Center

Lacime Architects

Financial City Community Center locates in the central section next to Suzhou Canal. Architects explore inherent logic of local cultural form and language, stimulating the vitality of surrounding open space and make it the city parlor for residents.
Suzhou is widely known as the “garden city” and Taihu stone is an essential...

Zhang Yan Cultural Museum

Horizontal Design and CSCEC (Shanghai) New Urbanization Investment Development Co., Ltd

Zhang Yan Village is located in Chonggu Town, in the western suburbs of Shanghai.“Preservation, Growth, and Expansion” is our strategy for the renovation and rehabilitation of Zhang Yan Village and other similar villages in China. It does not aim to dominate and reconstruct, nor to repair the old as old. Rather, it s...

Gongshu Intelligence Valley's Eye


Gongshu Intelligence Valley’s Eye is a mixed-use center in Hangzhou intelligence valley town, with function of culture display, investment attraction, office meeting, recreation, etc. The design philosophy starts with the geometric relation of ‘round sky and square earth’. The squareness, steadily gathering...

He Art Museum

Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

Rand Elliott Architects for Oklahoma Contemporary

Oklahoma Contemporary’s new downtown campus stands as a new cultural destination among the architecture of Oklahoma City, a sculptural expression of the nonprofit’s mission to provide accessible, inclusive arts experiences. The 53,916 square-foot, four-story building, “Folding Light,” anchors the 4.6-...

adidas World of Sports ARENA

Behnisch Architekten

Client: adidas AG

The adidas ARENA forms a distinctive landmark on the adidas World of Sports campus in Herzogenaurach. The new office and reception building marks the campus’s main entrance, welcoming visitors and lending it a strong visual identity. The ARENA’s architecture is both functional and expressive, its sculptural ...

Apple Aventura

Foster + Partners

Apple Aventura embodies Miami’s spirit of openness and generosity, bringing people together under an undulating vaulted roof that is reminiscent of the city’s nautical and architectural roots.

The materiality and flowing spaces are inspired by the region’s Art Deco buildings, with the new two-level store creating a dyna...

The Edge

Dub Architects

The Edge, a 10 storey office building, built on a single 15m wide lot, features one of Canada’s largest solar walls. Its 560 photovoltaic panels provide 80% of the building’s electrical load. The design incorporates both insulated triple-glazed and quadruple-glazed systems. The open floor plates are naturally lit by comforta...

Rolling Stock Yard

Squire & Partners

Rolling Stock Yard is a new workspace development in King’s Cross designed as a contemporary response to its industrial setting, providing 57,000sqft of office space for creative small to medium sized businesses.

The design concept draws on the area north of King’s Cross St Pancras, historically characterised by the machi...

MOMA Lotus Resort

Lacime Architects

MOMA Lotus Resort is placed on the water within Jiuhua Mountain, China, as if to integrate the scenery of the four seasons into the architecture. With characteristic features, the resort complements yet stands out from its surroundings. The roof is an upward sloping roof with the highest point defined in the southeast corner of the site...

311 West Monroe

Perkins and Will

Perkins and Will was retained by Sterling Bay to renovate and reposition the 1969 Harris Bank Building at 311 W Monroe in Chicago.

The comprehensive project involved replacing the mechanical system to increase the energy efficiency of the building, converting disused basement space to a fully featured tenant amenity level, creating confe...

The Exchange at 100 Federal

Perkins and Will for Boston Properties

The Exchange at 100 Federal Street is a living room for Boston’s Financial District. An informal place for meeting, collaborating, and sharing, the space captivates professionals, tourists, and locals alike with its reinvigorated public realm embedded in the heart of the city.

The Exchange revitalizes an underperforming...

University of Lethbridge - Science Commons

KPMB Architects / Stantec Architecture

Drawing inspiration from Arthur Erickson’s iconic University Hall and the undulating coulee landscape, Science Commons establishes leadership in transdisciplinary research while creating an exemplar for climate-responsive research buildings. Key to project success was the design of a highly flexible and efficient structure that embodied c...

Lumion Amsterdam

atelier PRO architects

Lumion Amsterdam is a secondary school for senior general and pre-university education. The original building from 1973 was designed by architect J.B. Ingwersen. Its brutalistic design is characterized by the extensive use of concrete, glass and large arches. The city of Amsterdam has listed the premises as a young monument.

To meet the stan...

Stanley Pauley Engineering Building

Stantec Architecture for University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering, the oldest in Western Canada, is located on a leafy campus in the Fort Garry neighbourhood of south Winnipeg. The original Engineering Building, completed in 1907, was situated on the campus along the original Beaux-Arts promenade. Development in the 1960s compromised that p...

Luxembourg Learning Center

Valentiny HVP Architects

One of the major objectives of the university library project was to create, in a rigid volume predefined by the industrial framework elements, an open and welcoming space in the spirit of a Learning Centre. Library users access the building through a new volume, on the side of Place “des Hauts Fourneaux”, which also hou...

KNO Nursery

HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro

This is a nursery for children between 0 to 2 years of age in Unzen, Nagasaki, Japan.

The challenge is to solve the problem that many young children receive negative effects from too much screen time like smartphone and tablet which adults give them. It’s certain that direct communication is good for children to develop mindset and...

UNSW Biological Sciences

Woods Bagot

Providing a new campus gateway, the significantly renovated existing building (North building) and companion addition (South building) blend seamlessy into a cohesive whole, inside and out. The buildings provides active social spaces, breaking down silos within departments and encouraging both planned and unplanned interactions.

The ...

Charles Library at Temple University

Stantec | Snøhetta

Temple University’s 220,000 square-foot Charles Library defines a social and academic heart for a large and diverse student body. Within a vibrant urban context, the project reinterprets the traditional research library as a repository for books, creating instead a dynamic learning environment. The building’s base is clad in...

The Ark, Noah's Ark Children's Hospice

Squire & Partners

Client (/developer) - Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice Architect - Squire & Partners Landscape architect - Gensler Structural engineer - Ramboll M&E consultant/Sustainability engineer - KUT Main contractor - 8Build Timber frame - Carpenter Oak

The Ark is the first new hospice building in London for 10 years and the first purpose...

Christian Doppler Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital Salzburg

Kleboth und Dollnig ZT Gmbh in cooperation with Kaufmann + Partner ZT Gmbh

Architects: Gerhard Dollnig, Andreas Kleboth, Mathias Haas, Andreas Justl, Christian Schnaitl, Etemad Moghaddam, Andreas Kastenhuber, Walter Barth, Landscape: Land in Sicht, Photos: Michael Heinrich

Client: Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Healing Building
An indep...

Health center under gunren Boqi

BAZUO Architecture Studio

The project is located in Baga town, Pollan county, Ngari prefecture, Tibet autonomous region, and aims to provide basic medical services to 2,000 permanent residents and tourists. The medical services include outpatient, treatment and 20 beds in hospital, medical gas, sewage treatment station and other ancillary fac...


ERIK arkitekter


Today, cooking is recognized as an art and the meal must be an unforgettable experience that should speak to all our senses. So why is the production of food to our elderly hidden in a clinically white room full of stainless steel and non-slip floors? The goal was to show all citizens that care was taken to ma...

ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development

Stantec Architecture

ErinoakKids was delivered via public private partnership (P3) procurement. Stantec served as the Proponent’s Designer and Architect of Record. Parkin Architects served as the Planning & Design Compliance (PDC) Architect.

ErinoakKids (EOK) is Ontario’s largest children’s treatment and development centre, providing treatm...

Samson Pavilion, CWRU and Cleveland Clinic

Foster + Partners

The design brings together the previously separate dental, nursing, and the university and Cleveland Clinic Lerner College medical education programs into a single, multidisciplinary four-story building that blends sympathetically with its neighbours.

Key elements of each school are arranged around a large internal courtyard, mai...

Fogo Island Shed

Saunders Architecture for Fogo Island Inn & Shorefast Foundation

The new Fogo Island Shed combines contemporary forms with traditional techniques, evoking a strong sense of place through the simplicity and porosity of its interior and exterior volumes. Essentially a simple timber shed, the structure uses the studio’s trademark tilted and twisted geometry to create visual drama, as part of the w...

Tanjing Sales center

Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is located in Taijiang District, Fuzhou City. It resides to the north of the historic Guangming Port and next to the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Historical Area.

The project preserves the two ancient banyan trees on the site, creating a series of spaces and inner streets around them and evoking the traditional Fuzhou lifesty...

Snyder Center, Phillips Academy Andover

Perkins and Will

Located on the southern edge of campus, the Snyder Center acts as a gateway to the athletics district. Situated on a sloping site, the building connects both edges of campus through a light filled, interior stair gallery, creating a dynamic social environment that unifies various programs and activities. Interplay between the buildi...


Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann EPFL FAS SIA for Ville de Lausanne

The “La Tuilière” site is conceived as a large sports park, set in a natural clearing created by existing trees in the Petit-Flon river valley. The nine football pitches and athletics track – all aligned on a north-south axis – extend in a sequence on either side of a pedestrian walkway which structures the design...

Allianz Field

Populous for Minnesota United FC

The Minnesota United ownership group was looking to up its game – they wanted to create an experience for MNUFC fans unlike any other MLS stadium and bring international recognition to Minnesota. In a once contaminated and vacant plot in Saint Paul, Populous met the challenge of designing a world-class purpose-built stadium that would ser...

Hadohilljo Townhouse

UNITEDLAB Associates

This village is composed of a community center, 48 single residences, parks, and amenities. The main corridor connects the individual homes. Four unit types will be orchestrated according to its distance from the sea. Visual connections to the sea and to the landscape enhance the sense of place. Landscaping is vital for mediating climat...

Kita Aoyama

Conran and Partners

Firm: NTT Urban Development Corporation

NTT UD (Developer/Planner) RIA (Local Architect) Shimizu Corporation (Local Contractor) Landscape Plus Ltd (Landscape Designer) Design index (Japanese Agent) Phenomenon Lighting Design Office (lighting designer)

Located in the upmarket Kita Aoyama district of the Japanese capital, the seven-storey residential development of 15 apartments res...

Living in the Spinnereipark, Y-Houses

Behnisch Architekten

On the edge of the Spinnereipark, a seven hectare landscape park next to the old spinning mill in Kolbermoor, Behnisch Architekten designed a residential area comprising an ensemble of nine buildings.

Two of a total of five Y-houses—so called because of their geometric ground plan—were completed in the first construction phas...

Twenty Grosvenor Square

Squire & Partners

Twenty Grosvenor Square is a redevelopment of the former European Headquarters of the US Navy in the heart of historic Mayfair. Client Finchatton partnered with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts to offer the first standalone residential project which benefits from Four Season’s world-leading hotel services. The design revives a historically s...

The Borderless Community of Zi Ni Twelve Portals

Fei Architects

Project Type: Renovation project Design
Period: 2016.1-2018.1
Construction Period: 2016.10-2018.9
GFA: 5231㎡ Interior, Landscape, Artwork Design: Fei Architects

The Borderless Community of Zi Ni Twelve Portals was a fiberboard factory, located in a large state-owned industrial zone in Guangzhou in the 1950s. The project is tailo...

Guardian Art Center

Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings

Guardian Art Center, regarded as the first auction corporation headquarter in the world, was uniquely made to order for China Guardian Auctions. Guardian expected that the new headquarter shall become a unique “Beijing building”, and indicate local culture for both Beijing and the building itself. Guardian Art Center has par...

Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam

ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects

The Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, built in1911, has been transformed into a center for the creative industry: Capital C Amsterdam. To fully restore the original qualities of the monument, the building underwent a major renovation to be largely returned to the original Gerrit van Arkel design. The renovation included restoration of monu...

Northtown Affordable Apartments and Public Library

Perkins and Will

Clients: Evergreen Real Estate Group, Developer, City of Chicago - Mayor’s Office, Chicago Department of Planning & Development, Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Public Library


Northtown Affordable Senior Housing and Public Library represents a new urban typology, co-locating affordable senior h...


Zaha Hadid Architects

Opus is located in the Burj Khalifa district adjacent to Downtown Dubai and Business Bay on the Dubai Water Canal. Housing the new ME Dubai hotel, offices floors, serviced residences and 12 restaurants, cafes and bars - Opus design explores the balance between solid and void, opaque and transparent, interior and exterior. Spanni...



KIAS(Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio)

The villa is located in a forest in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture of Japan. The privately owned villa is designed to accommodate its owner and their friends in the rich natural environment at a mountain retreat 150km away from Tokyo. In order to acquire specific natural scenery and light environment, each living function faces its own desire...

Boulder house


The Boulder House, located near ‘Seolleung’, the former royal tomb that became a park in Gangnam, Seoul, is surrounded by multi-family houses, making it unsuitable for the single-family house.

On the other hand, the client, famous couple of movie stars, made a very high request for privacy because they...

Vertical Courtyard House

Montalba Architects

Dissolving the boundaries between spaces, both interior and exterior, is the primary design intent of the 4,400 sf residence in Santa Monica, California. At the street front, privacy is interpreted through the building envelope and material organization.

From here these elements begin to shift, or disappear altogether,...

Great Ocean Road Residence

Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors

Photographer : Mark Roper

Against a spectacular coastal backdrop, Great Ocean Road Residence is in every way a home built for the future. The client's brief was a residence which would serve his family for generations. Sited on a unique position atop a prominent cliff, the residence has been designed to withstand a harsh coastal envi...

House SV

Jofre Roca arquitectes

Jofre Roca (Lead Architect), Laura Molina (Architect), Jordi Gendrau (Structural Engineer), Estudi Cuberta (Surveyor), Adrià Goula Sardà (Photographer)

A contemporary house is projected, in the middle of the city; it has the privileges of the countryside. For its construction, traditional techniques we used&...

Venice Beach House

Montalba Architects

Situated in Los Angeles’ coastal Venice neighborhood, the design for this new residence began with its exterior 3 ‘gardens,’ which meld the indoor-outdoor spaces together among varying volumes and allow places of comfort to enjoy the year-round temperate climate. The scale of the gardens is varied; one larger garden create...

Capsule hostel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu

Atelier tao+c for Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

Atelier tao+c is an architecture and interior design team based in Shanghai. 

Founded in 2016, the practice works on projects of varying typologies, specially in renewal projects. Employing simple and elementary forms, clear proportions and sectional variation, we experiments with materials, details and combine different...

Pocket Plaza, Yongjia Road

Atelier Archmixing

Pocket Plaza is located in a historical downtown district in Shanghai. Taking the opportunity of old quarter renovation, the District Government has decided to dismantle the two rows of shabby residences with fire hazards and transform the site into a public urban space in the neighborhood. In the meantime, we find the neighboring blocks la...

Hutong Bubble 218

MAD Architects

Hutong Bubble 218’ is the renovation of a 305 sqm traditional Qing Dynasty courtyard house, and is a result of MAD’s participation in the Old City Renewal Research program that seeks to renovate several sites in Beijing’s historic city centre.
Working with the ideology that urban reactivation doesn’t necessarily...

Macjoy R&D and Production Facilities

MDO for Macjoy Engineering

The project for Macjoy R&D and Production Facilities takes on two crucial challenges: how to minimize the amount of waste material from demolition (and consequent emissions) and how to develop a meaningful architecture to host productive facilities while optimizing the functionality.

MDO worked on both architecture and interiors, with a ...

History museum of Qifeng Village

SUP Atelier of THAD

Red Plum Culture and Creative Park

AAarchitects + IIA Atelier

The Red Plum Park is part of the updates in the city. The 4 buildings in the Park are in different sizes and damage levels, architects bring new culture functions into the old buildings and re-open the park to public. The six-folding gable of the raw material warehouse in #1 Building represents the past large storage capacity. Reconstruction en...

Apple Carnegie Library

Foster + Partners

Located at the heart of Washington DC, Apple Carnegie Library marks the revitalisation of an important monument in the city’s history. As the city’s first public library, and its first desegregated public building, the Carnegie Library of Washington DC played a central role in community life for over 70 years since its openi...

Shui Wei 3D Community

Doffice for Futian District Government Shenzhen, ShumYip Land Investment LTD. and ShuiWei Village

City within a City
The site is an Urban Village in Shenzhen, a settlement that used to be an indigenous village and is going through its own urbanization, alongside that of Shenzhen. It is an urbanization process initiated by the villagers without planners and architects.
The rapid expansion and densification of city creat...

Home Modification for Low-income Families


This project brings together architects and social workers to tackle housing issues in Hong Kong, where at one-in-five of the population live in poverty. Renowned for high density living and exorbitant house prices, we focus on families with children living in inadequate homes, with the aim of enhancing their study environment at home t...

Rushall Park Community Housing

MGS Architects for Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria

Rushall Park expands upon the built legacy of the Old Colonists’ Association, Victoria’s oldest retirement village provider, who commissioned MGS Architects to design 35 independent living units on the last remaining development site within the historic village boundaries in North Fitzroy, an inner suburb of Melbourne, f...

MLK Plaza

Magnusson Architecture and Planning PC for Radson Development

Charged with producing a statement building and bringing market-rate style to affordable housing, the design for this 175,025 sf building focuses on high-quality public spaces and well-appointed apartments within a distinct and compelling exterior.
The LEED Platinum Bronx development offers 167 apartments for low- and very low-inco...

Mosaic Apartments

Tony Owen Partners for Kazproperty

Marianna Miodzuski, Wendy Tong,

The Mosaic Tower is a 14 Storey mixed use residential/commercial building designed by Tony Owen Partners. It consists of a 4 storey retail/commercial podium with 37 units above. The site is located in Sydney’s Sussex Street. This precinct is the home of historic masonry warehouse buildings. The rule ...

Baoshan Beibeijia Olion Kindergarten

Atelier Archmixing

Structural: Shanghai Wildness Structural Des. Firm Inc. (General Partnership) Engineer: MAA Engineering Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Constructor: Shanghai W

Olion Kindergarten is renovated from a disused community service center on Baoju Rd., Baoshan district, Shanghai. The design aims to change this banal structure with a series...

The 11th China International Garden Expo Children's Pavilion Design

PolyMorphArchitects for Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau & Zhengzhou Airport Huigang Development co. LTD

Principal in Charge: Chuan Wang Project Team: Xiaoyu Zhang, Yan Xue, Shunhe Wen Local Design Institute: China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute co. LTD Photography: Tian Fangfang

Through a thorough study of the local culture, the design team drew inspiration from Zhengzhou cultural relics, Shuijinghuan, ...

Mosaic Apartments

Tony Owen Partners for Kazproperty

Miami Beach Convention Center Renovation and Expansion

Fentress Architects

The $515.5 million transformation of the once outdated Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) has revitalized the existing facility into a vibrant, daylit space that complements its luminous atmosphere. As a significant economic generator for the city and region, MBCC hosts annual world-renowned events such as Art Basel.

MBCC is located tw...

Wuhan Gemdale • Gelin Exhibition Center

Shanghai PTArchitects

The project, next to urban road, occupies floors for commercial use at the bottom of residential building with a limited land area and doesn’t have enough usable resources around.

That is the challenge of the design. Eventually the architects started from the appeal for astonishing visual effects and decided to build an iconic buil...

Health Sciences Innovation Building

CO Architects

The groundbreaking Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) at the University of Arizona, Tucson transcends established norms in health sciences education with a holistic, innovative and community-based approach.

HSIB reimagines curriculum and pedagogy to reflect healthcare’s trend towards multidisciplinary and team-based patient...

Galeries Lafayette

Foster + Partners

Galeries Lafayette is a striking building positioned at the end of Grand Rue and Rue Aldringen, the first building to open as part of a major mixed-use development by Foster + Partners, in collaboration with Tetra Kayser, in the heart of Luxembourg City. Bringing together a dynamic mix of places to work, live and play, the desig...

Saint Mary's Student Chapel

Mark Cavagnero Associates for Saint Mary’s College High School

Nestled into the entry of Saint Mary’s College High School campus, the rise of the Student Chapel’s sleekly articulated white concrete provides an icon marking the community.

The school’s mission of educating the under-served, and of striving to provide a sense of safety, calm, and comfort to their students has ...

Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction

Lacime Architects


Naomi Milgrom Foundation

Cheng Dong

SanGu Design for Management Committee of Qujiang, Xi'an

Cheng Dong public toilet renovation project is located in the ancient capitals of Xi’an. It borders a CBD and a pedestrian street square to the east, the residential community to the north and is next to Tang City Wall Relic.

The original design of the toilet was to reflect the elements of ancient Chinese architecture and to achieve ha...


CAA for Lishui Urban Renewal Co., Ltd

Design Assistant: Sangshuang Liu, Yanfeng Chen

People love porcelain, but pay little attention to the brick kiln that fires it. What if a kiln fires itself? Celeste, this contemporary rest pavilion, freezes a moment of flambé glaze on site that reminds the locals of their long history of firing Celedon pottery, at a co...

Olympic House, IOC Headquarters

3XN in collaboration with IttenBrechbühl

Olympic House is designed around the International Olympic Committee’s five key values: movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and collaboration. The transparent double glass façade is the hallmark of the new 22,000m2 headquarters building. The visual transparency of the façade not only provides...

Zero House

Tianjin Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Guo Run bo,Di Yang,Jiang Nan, Yu Xue zeng, Liu Bing, Han Shuai, Liu Wei

This village project in the suburbs of Beijing focuses on the problem of indigenous resident loss in rural areas of China. The overall goal is to improve residential comfortableness and realize energy self-sufficiency, function conversion and rural re...

BaseCamp Lyngby

Lars Gitz Architects

Kim Clausen- constructing architect, Sanne Motzfeldt Bentzen- constructing architect, Mladen Stamenic- architect, Katrine Gulddahl- constructing architect.

Basecamp Lyngby is a socially interacting super structure and will function as a sustainable shared living community for 900 students, PhDs and senior citizens. It is a wish t...


FV2 Architektur GmbH

Felicia Specht - Lead Architect 

Jonathan Sage - Photographer
Sebastian Raschauer - Landscape Design
Antonia Harnack - Architect Assistant

Once upon a time the sound of hooves and snorting horses filled the air of a courtyard in the South of Munich near the river Isar… In 2017 the young designers of FV2 Architektur were commissi...

Bayswater Early Years Hub

k20 Architecture for Knox City Council

Anthony Uahwatanasakul – Project Director Theodore Kerlidis- Director of Design India Mitchell- Project Architect Circon Constructions- Builder Vert Engineering- Structural Engineer SDP Consulting- Services Consultant Organica Engineering- ESD Consultant Hansen Partnership- Landscape Consultant Philip Chun and Associates- Building Survey...

Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction

Lacime Architects

Architects Team: Li Sheng, Shi Zheyu, Li Yinchao, Liu Yueyi, Ou Xing

The Liva river runs right through the central campus of East China Normal University in Shanghai. Here, architects renovated the abandoned warehouse in a previously underutilized area of the campus to become a book bar with serene and secluded spaces for rea...

Community Center of Sandu Poetic Residence of Vanke

QIYUE Architects

Developer/Owner: Vanke

The project is situated in the core area of Fangdingyi Cultural Tourism Zone, Zhengzhou city in central China. beside the lake and hillside, the site also neighbors the famous historical spot called Fangding Ancient Village which dates back to 600 years ago. As the cultural context and consciousness continue to dat...

City Crown——The Dragon Lake Public Art Center

Studio A+ for Zheng Zhou City Planning Bureau

PartnerThe Architecture Design and Research Institute of HIT China Academy of Building Research
Participant:Min Wang, Mei Ding, Hui Li, Yuliang Wang, Chongshuo Wang, Kefeng Liu, Ge Zhang, Wuting Li, Wuting Li, etc.
Photographer: Su Chen

Dragon Lake plays an important role in the planning of the Zheng Zhou ...

Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Revitalization – Avenue of Stars and Salisbury Garden

James Corner Field Operations + URBIS Limited + Ronald Lu & Partners

The revitalized Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront provides a holistic vision for Hong Kong’s harbourfront, with extensive waterfront access, urban and pedestrian connectivity, and an exciting public balcony and central space to view the harbor and skyline. The new public realm features Salisbury Garden and the 500-meter-long Avenue of Star...

Howard Smith Wharves

Woods Bagot

Howard Smith Wharves Nominees – Client Urbis – Urban Designers, Landscape Architect, Heritage Consultant WT Partnership - Quantity Surveyor Robert Bird Group - Structural and Civil Engineers EMF Griffiths – Services Engineers Food Service Design Australia (FSDA) - Kitchen Consultant TTM - Traffic Engineering WBM BMT - Floo...

The Library in Jinjiang Campus of Fuzhou University

Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron

The library is the largest public space as a central hall in the Campus The entire campus plan was inspired by the "Red Brick Cuo Village" preserved from Ming Dynasty, which is constructed in a unique way with white stone embedded in red brick wall.

Our strategy is to create vertical and horizontal flowing space into nature, an...

Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Mark Cavagnero Associates for Monterey Bay Aquarium

With growing demand for its one-of-a-kind educational offerings, the Monterey Bay Aquarium spearheaded a new Education Center, marking the largest physical expansion to-date of the nearly 35-year-old institution.

Continuing the mission to cultivate and inspire the next generation of ocean conservation leaders, the Aquarium is now abl...

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