Sherry Larjani

President, Spotlight Development inc.
Sherry Larjani, an experienced real estate developer and entrepreneur, is focused on creating beautifully designed spaces that bring her visions to life.

A consummate professional, Sherry has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry as Managing Director and President of her own real estate development firm, Spotlight Development Inc. The boutique firm specializes in the acquisition of properties for redevelopment into high density residential and mixed-use projects in Toronto and surrounding areas. For Sherry, it is most important that all Spotlight Development projects have a focus on affordable and healthy living, providing support for the communities in which they are situated.

Sherry began her career by working as a designer at a luxury architecture firm in Toronto. She soon developed a passion for transforming underdeveloped land into liveable spaces and found herself most comfortable standing on construction sites amidst all the action. By building relationships with top developers in the city, Sherry has laid the groundwork for future partnerships and collaborations. Current projects include a mixed-use building with Liberty Development and various residential redevelopment projects in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket and Ajax.

In addition to spearheading her own company, Sherry joined forces with other female entrepreneurs to create Toronto’s first all-female real estate development team and bring Reina Condos to life. Their goal is to create a truly inclusive industry open to all individuals with a passion for real estate and development.

Sherry and her work have been featured in The New York Times, Metro Morning, CBC News, Global news and Oprah Magazine.