Judges Testimonials

Alex Kibble, Managing Director, TKD Architects

"Focus on the key attributes of the project that are special and make your project as different.

A winning entry responds to the client brief and social need equally, it must also stand out and say something positive about its place in the world."

Angela Dapper, Principal, Grimshaw

"Whilst great images and descriptive text are important, it is just as important to describe why you have designed the project the way you have. Rationale and reasoning should be as equally compelling as the project description, as this is what really engages the jury and differentiates a project for an award.

A winning entry needs to be exciting, challenging and innovative. Projects need to demonstrate new ways of thinking about architecture, and show how architects are constantly challenging and improving our built environment as a result."

Bernard Gomez, Chartered Architect, BGJF Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

"To highlight and present the project in such a way as to convey to the jury the attributes you consider noteworthy for winning an award.

A winning entry should have characteristics that make architecture great. It should be an innovative solution to a design breif, contextual both in terms of site specificity and culture, and have a strong aesthetic sense."

Changhak Choi, Principal/ Leading Designer, H Architecture

"Express designer's achievements in a clear and simply way, and provide thoroughly selected photos that actually relevant with designer's intention and design description, not just nice-looking photographs.

You will need to clearly express what is a designer's intention that to be achieved through design process, and how the building is engaging in and reacting within public realm in terms of its beauty, innovation and benefits for general public. We all know that is not easy to keep track of an initial idea during the entire design process, so that would be deserved to be praised and celebrate from the world."

Elaine Toogood

"Provide good images, simple drawings and a clear description to explain the project, its context and design development. But they should not forget to describe what makes the project especially noteworthy.

What makes a wining entry? It is one that stays with me for days after reviewing it. This doesn't just relate to the images provided, but a concise and clear description provided about the challenges to be resolved and the real benefit it has made."

Fermín Vázquez, Architect And Founding Partner, B720 Architecture

"Make clear what the project is about and be interesting"

Fernanda Canales, Architect, Fernanda Canales

"Give relevance to the relation between building and site, and between users and spaces.

A winning project is one that makes me want to be an architect every day in order to have more places like that one."

Haobo Wei, Lead Architect, West-Line Studio

"First of all drawings and photos must clearly present the key points of the design. Then the text should briefly summarize the design features and present the design thinking. I am looking for a clear evidence of the understanding of the environmental context and usage, organization of the space, material application and construction modes as well as the creation of the Genius Loci.

A winning entry is characterized by a unique and breakthrough design and exploration of practice."

Harbinder Birdi, Partner, HawkinsBrown

"Keep the submission simple and convey only the important messages that you want to get across, the architecture should really provide all the detail the judges require.

A winning entry is one with a coherent design that is rich in narrative and beauty that both responds well to the clients brief as well serve the people that use the building."

Heinz Richardson, Principal, Jestico + Whiles

"Ensure clarity in the information provided. Clear and concise graphics that do not require the reviewer to search for the central idea behind the project. Well considered photographs, text and drawn information that communicate the essential challenges of the project and how they were creatively addressed.

A project that goes beyond the immediate programme and addresses societal and environmental issues in a creative and inventive way whilst at the same time producing truly inspiring architecture and internal spaces."

Ian Brewster, Director, Brewster Hjorth Architects

"My tip for a great entry: make sure you describe the most important goals which your project addressed, and include photographs which clearly demonstrate how that was successfully achieved and the beauty of the final result.

The most effective entries are visually striking and beautiful in their consistency of purpose, design intent, execution and presentation. They allow the judges to understand the project."

Jacqueline Beckingham, Global Creative Director, Benoy

"Provide a clear description of the project that outlines the design brief, the challenges and opportunities, and your design solution.

With such a wide range of quality entries from around the globe, the ones that really stand out are where the initial concept is followed through to completion and the design intent is clearly read."

Samantha Josaphat, Principal, Architect, STUDIO 397 Architecture

"What does the occupant of your design need to understand and feel. Why is this space for them?

An entry that exemplifies the notion of feeling and belonging, by gathering all the separate details of a project and beautifully curating it into an expression, through design."

Satwinder Samra, Director Collaborative Practice, Sheffield University School Of Architecture

"A winning entry should be mindful of context, be materially sophisticated and lift the spirit.

A project which goes above and beyond to create a special and unique experience for all users."

Shaohua Di, Principal Architect, PRAXiS D'ARCHITECTURE

"Thoughts that initiated the design and aroused after the realization of the design are as important as the design itself.

A winning entry is consientious of architecture as a means to creatively convey meanings towards harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and to facilitate understanding of different cultures and ideas."

Hear from Angela Dapper, WAN Awards Judge

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