Zhang Yan Cultural Museum

Zhang Yan Cultural Museum, Horizontal Design and CSCEC (Shanghai) New Urbanization Investment Development Co., Ltd

Zhang Yan Village is located in Chonggu Town, in the western suburbs of Shanghai.“Preservation, Growth, and Expansion” is our strategy for the renovation and rehabilitation of Zhang Yan Village and other similar villages in China. It does not aim to dominate and reconstruct, nor to repair the old as old. Rather, it strives to follow the development and context of history, to put contemporary needs and consciousness into the village, to reorganize the layout, program the commercial ecology, and to create a dialogue between the new and the old.

Credited: Architecture/ Interior / landscape Design: Horizontal Design
 Chief Creative Design Director: Ju Bin
 Chief Architect: Zhou Zhimin, He Bin
 Architectural Design Team: Zhang Jia, Deng Shuyu, Song Wenyu, Hu yao, Huang Ping, Xu Weiwei
 Site Architect: Zhang Jia,
 Interior Design Team: Wei Jinjing, Sheng Lingxiang, Luo Vanyu, Yang Yixi, Cen Yuhua, Nie Hongming, Hu Kai, Wu Hongzhan, Ye Sufei