Zero House

Zero House, Tianjin Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Guo Run bo,Di Yang,Jiang Nan, Yu Xue zeng, Liu Bing, Han Shuai, Liu Wei

This village project in the suburbs of Beijing focuses on the problem of indigenous resident loss in rural areas of China. The overall goal is to improve residential comfortableness and realize energy self-sufficiency, function conversion and rural revival by means of green transformation. The main goal is to explore the technical possibilities and construction realizability of assembled nearly zero energy rural house reconstruction.

The project uses scientific research funds from the government and the funds raised by the design institution itself. The client is Tenio Beijing Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd .The project is led by the architect and is constructed in EPC mode. It was completed in two months on September 20,2019 . The courtyard divides the 402㎡ building into three parts of simple shapes, and air-tightness units are connected with passive house and stairwell wind tower to enhance heat radiation in winter and guide the natural ventilation in transitional seasons. The sloping roof uses skylights to achieve natural lighting and uses photovoltaic tiles to provide electric energy.

The building is an experiment of low-cost assembled residential modules. The composite model is consisting of light steel system and OSB board. The standard residential modules from the structure to the interior decoration are completed in the factory, and three modules are combined to a residential unit of complete functions on site. The project comprehensively applied light steel structure module, timber frame system, copper plate, photovoltaic tiles, color film photovoltaic and other new materials.