Yangzhou Rowing Water Sports Center



This project is located in the northern part of Yangzhou science and technology new town, and is an important node on the axis of Shuguang Road and Fenghuang road. The urban traffic condition is convenient, and it can arrive at Nanjing in 20 minutes and reach Shanghai in 1 hours through the forthcoming high-speed rail station, which is convenient to the Yangtze River Delta region. The site is located on the north side of the 1912 Town, which is adjacent to the village and farmland. The layout and style of the present village is a traditional local style. The surrounding environment showed a fish and rice land, a bamboo fence, a smoke curl, a paddy field shining gold, a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Overall planning

In the plan, we hope that through the rational use of the resources of the ancient canals and the traditional villages, we will implant a new industrial function, fully integrate the functional space and make a compound utilization, create a comprehensive water sports center and sports business college, bring vitality to the comprehensive development of the new city, and extract flowers, mountains and villages from the environmental factors. The river, the boat, the field and other water elements restructure the life of the rejuvenation canal, and create a modern architectural image and space environment that inherits the features of the Jiangnan Water Township and the traditional village spatial pattern, and has the poetic and artistic conception, the natural environment experience and the display of the spiritual culture of the canal.

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