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Yuansu Hot Spring Resort is situated in Wuyi in the central part of Zhejiang Province. Accessible by train within two hours from both Hangzhou and Shanghai, Wuyi has been a popular destination as 'The Hot Spring City of Eastern China.' The Yuansu Resort is being built in response to the growing numbers of urban dwellers seeking a weekend respite in the rural countryside from the stress and pollution of city life. 

Beijing-based designers CLOU architects were tasked to design the 15.000 sqm mountain resort comprising 80 villas.

The design strategy was centered on creating two essential experiences:
The calm of being alone with nature and the liveliness of village life.

Working with pure geometry the masterplan nestles the buildings into the hilly slopes and valleys of the site, highlighting the existing topography.
Raw materials such as wood formed concrete, timber, and rammed earth, will form a patina as nature reclaims its territory over time. 

The welcome centre bridges across the main lake, offering a scenic lounge area hovering just above the water. The open plan concept of the concrete table-top building seeks to offer a sense of informality between guests and staff. 

A village promenade through bamboo forests connects further public amenities including a Chinese restaurant, a group of nine tea house pavilions, and a recreational zone with a library, a children's centre, and a natural swimming pool. 

The one-bedroom waterfront lodges line the lake and creeks in the valleys. The low eaves of their shallow gabled roofs frame the views to the waterfront and the bamboo forest on the back.

The two level hillside villas have been designed to work with the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. Their views are oriented towards unbuilt natural hillsides. 

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