Wuhan Gemdale • Gelin Exhibition Center

Wuhan Gemdale • Gelin Exhibition Center, Shanghai PTArchitects

The project, next to urban road, occupies floors for commercial use at the bottom of residential building with a limited land area and doesn’t have enough usable resources around.

That is the challenge of the design. Eventually the architects started from the appeal for astonishing visual effects and decided to build an iconic building at the open front court, combined with the local culture, so as to make up for the lack of an experience hall. “Water” element becomes the design theme and also a source of inspiration since the project site faces Jiangxia District across the water, with Han River on the north end, Tongshun River on the south and Yangtze River on the east.

The design team maximized the setback of the site to create a square for guiding people. Moreover, the water feature is added into the front court, well echoing the local “water” culture. And the form of architecture is raised through extrusion into a mountain shape, which further highlights the building. The architects made the sales center an open yet partly enclosed space, and arranged several fountains above the “lake surface” together with landscape. The whole picture shows a hidden cave in the forest with the gurgling of water, attracting people to stop to listen.

The façade uses the shape of mountain that has a signifying undulating outline and triangle block with large overhang, to bring the optimal visual and spiritual impact the same as astonishing feelings caused by magnificent mountains and grotesque stones.