WESTERN PARIS UNIVERSITY Continuing Education Building

Ameller Dubois


With the significant growth of continuing education in personal paths, a tree concept of professional development has now superseded the principle of a linear and unidirectional career. In Western Paris University, adult education was scattered in various departments connected to the studied topic. It is in this context that the new Continuing Education Building was born and it is this observation that guided its design. Located in a strategic location, facing the RER line and close to the access to the SNCF station, its architecture is a real signal on a territorial scale. The south façade, perceptible from the train, comes alive with the movements of visitors (train passengers or pedestrians) thanks to the coloured vertical sunscreens of its double skin, gradually shifting as the view rises towards the sky. The strong shades (red/orange) balanced by white, evolves throughout the day following the path of the sun. Breathable, the facade guarantees optimal protection from heat. This kinetics facade on the rail side contrasts with the smooth treatment of the north facade on the pedestrian walkway side, made from glazing and silkscreened metal panels. The façades inside the parcel are covered with horizontal wooden slats at random rhythm, which reinforce the warmth of the reception hall as an extension of it. The new building founds its place between two powerful and fundamentally different architectures by choosing neither the party of one nor the party of the other, but by leading to an impression of manifest architectural unity. (photos S. GRAZIA)

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