Village Lounge in Shangcun

SUP Atelier/ School of Architecture,Tsinghua University


The village lounge in Shangcun is a renovation project from the ruined courtyard into a public space, providing leisure and multi-used space for both local residence and tourists. The project is marked by the government as an exercisable and regional approach as a starting point of the preservation and sustainable development of the traditional village.
Six bamboo umbrellas are inserted to create a semi-outdoor space with covering, in order to approach the regeneration with minimal impact to the environment. Identical bamboo umbrellas units are divided into 3 groups and every 2 units in a row share the same height, and the roof gradually lifting from north to south. 
Most of the materials of the lounge is produced locally or collected from the old house. Raw materials and traditional techniques are used in the infrastructure construction, such as the maintaining of the old Ma Tau walls, and the construction of the stone retaining walls.
The villagers show great interests and enthusiasm both in the construction and in the usage of the lounge. Local craftsmen were willing to share their ideas about the details, planting and decorations during design and construction phase. The lounge came into use right after its completion and won the approvals of all the villagers.

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