Vestre Fjord Park



Vestre Fjord Park is both building and natural landscape that with a simple architectural design contributes to the full experience of its unique site. The active public park and its buildings have a strong identity born from a hybrid approach - here one finds a rich natural habitat that with a varied offer of outdoor sports activities, publically accessible and situated close to both nature and city. 

The synergy between landscape, the water spaces, the sports and the users gives Vestre Fjord Park its character. The ambition is to encourage contact to the fjord by allowing accessibility from land to sea, while at the same time framing activities on the water with a multi-functional built structure. 

The park subdivides in smaller areas with their own typology. The Isthmus to the North with facilities for sports associations and unspoiled nature along the fjord; the Beach embracing the open-air swimming area with sand, water and spring board diving. The Woods and the Wetlands to the West and South with its dense vegetation that close around themselves as a contrast to the open areas of the Wedge and the Plain to the East that makes space for sports fields, running etc. 

The precise cut between the inner basin and the fjord itself binds together landscape and building. The building act as an integrated part of the promenade, all paths clearly leading there. Bound together by the roof-scape, small individual buildings provide space for a large variety of functions - club facilities, sauna, café, lifeguard, changing rooms etc.

Besides acting as seating for the basin activities, the roof offers a build-in playground. Other parts of the roof are green, making it appear a part of the natural habitat. Remaining surfaces are in wood to make the building blend with the promenade.

Architect: ADEPT
Landscape: GHB Landscapearchitects

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