Vaughans Stream Corridor Wetlands + Bridge

Vaughans Stream Corridor Wetlands + Bridge, LandLAB

The Vaughan’s Stream Reserve is a new 20ha infrastructural park that provides the signature landscape experiences for a 162 ha site that encompasses a new town centre, 2500 houses and 28 ha of parks . LandLAB were commissioned by Todd Properties Limited in 2014 to design a series of wetlands, associated open spaces and bridge structures. The scope includes the design of 3 wetland areas forming part of an integrated low impact design network and storm water treatment system for the wider development, a road bridge on the sites main north-south spine connecting the two sides of the stream and a series of secondary pedestrian bridges providing pedestrian connectivity between the stream corridor, neighbourhood and adjacent Long Bay Regional Park. The design strategy stitches together the ecological restoration of an existing stream corridor with new storm water and social infrastructure programs into a contemporary coastal parkland network. The organisational strategy introduces a family of design elements - boardwalks, bridges and pavilions - which facilitate circulation, navigation and occupation. A fundamental principle underlying all decisions was to build a new urban environment that struck the right balance between an efficient use of land, whilst maintaining and enhancing the natural environment. Bridge and structures are articulated as a recessive yet sculptural family of steel elements set within the rejuvenated ecological network of the park. Theses features reveal and support wayfinding and connectivity of the park network and articulate a episodic experience for the park system.