Over the past twenty years, the Zuidas area has developed into Amsterdam’s main international business centre, resulting in a reduced emphasis on residential development. The Valley is part of the city’s ambition to correct this by transforming the area into a more liveable and complete urban quarter, welcoming large amounts of residents and additional public facilities to the area over the next decade. Valley sits on the border between residential and commercial functions. The concept of the building is rooted in this idea of transition, and MVRDV’s design emphasises the contrast between the corporate history and the more residential future of the Zuidas. The abundance of outdoor spaces and communal green areas promotes health and well-being while simultaneously contributing to the building’s green ambitions. Valley includes three peaks of varying heights, with the tallest reaching to 100 metres and topped with a publicly accessible sky-bar, spread out over the top two stories, which offers panoramic views over Amsterdam. The building consists of 196 apartments, 7 stories of offices, and three storeys of underground parking with 375 parking spots and various retail and cultural facilities. The project derives its name from the publicly accessible terraced valley that is spread out in-between its three mixed-use towers on the 4th and 5th levels. From street level, a pedestrianised path, running alongside retail functions, terraces, and roof gardens, leads up to this central public space. Internationally renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf designed all of Valley’s vegetation, focusing on a year-round green appearance.

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