Trees-Parency, Archi-Solution Workshop

“Trees-Parency” is a loft for a digital workshop. As an expansion of a carrier-made building, formerly hosting an industrial robot arm, this renovation demonstrates an intensive collaboration between designer and automate machine. Therefore, U-glass features a new instance. For broadening the ground floor, a corridor was attached on the south side. In order to properly accommodate a tree, whose neighborhood runs into the proposed expansion, a curve line was rigorously created to avoid this confliction.

Then, this curve was dashed in 270mm, the width of U-glass, to locate the fold-corner of each section. The on-site robot arm was developped into a U-glass cutting system, which was data-driven by the code from Grasshopper. Concerting by these progressive sections, the corridor fits in a friendly attitude to the tree.

By robot, numerous glass panels were precisely cut in specific angles and lengths regarding the digital model. Also, this digital solution is proven to save material, minimize labors, and break the performance limits of U-glass. As an addition, a meeting table was recently designed, and 3D printed with a U-glass counter-top. The expansion was entirely designed, fabricated and installed by ASW (Archi-Solution Workshop) independently.

Lighting design was supported by Zdp. Floor area: 230sqm; Glass area: 156sqm; Built : June of 2019.

Daoqian Yang, designer and robotic operator