Tongling Recluse、The Chengdu VUE Resort Phase I & The Cropland-loop Resort

Tongling Recluse、The Chengdu VUE Resort Phase I & The Cropland-loop Resort, RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang

Tongling Recluse
 Project Location: Anhui, China 
 Type: Private Residence 
 Floor Area: 160 m2
 Built Time: July. 2018 
 Tongling Recluse is originally a damaged mixed style dwelling. For the layout, we added a span in the west as well as the south-north. The previous walls shaped the main space, which now are interior partitions. We marked original old bricks and rebuild the wall with them after finishing the new foundation. Thus, we responded to the local culture and eco-sustainability.
 The Chengdu VUE Hotel & Resort Phase I
 Project Location: Chengdu, China 
 Type: Hotel & Exhibition Center 
 Floor Area: 16119.78 m2 (Phase I: 2759 m2) 
 Built Time: 2019
 This new hotel, despite being in the city, is talking to, and immersing itself in the mountains. With this space, the hotel embraces the spirit of Shushan Mountain and expresses it in an architectural way. The overall project includes several phases, not limited to the hotel, but also including residential functions. The hotel therefor has an additional role to it: It serves as a showcase for the future development. 
 The Cropland-loop Resort
 Type: Architecture, Hospitality 
 Location: Chongzhou, Chengdu 
 Floor Area: 5134 ㎡ 
 Completed Date: June, 2019
 The Cropland Loop Resort is a high end hotel in Chengdu, China. Its shape is defined by a large dominant roof that shelters a variety of functions, each of them housed in an individual volume. One of the main challenges of the design was to set a large-scale building in the middle of a rural cropland.