The Trondelag Regional Touring Theatre

The Trondelag Regional Touring Theatre, PirⅡ AS

The new building housing the Trondelag regional theatre is situated in the city of Verdal in mid Norway. The theatre creates much needed life to a cityscape that for many decades has lost popularity to the shopping malls with big parking lots. From it's relationship to the urban context, through architecture, interior design and building-integrated art, the theatre contributes and activates an important part of the city center in Verdal which has been characterized by relocation of trade and decline in activity. 
The building is celebrating the local wooden architecture traditions in the region which dates back to the Viking era and beyond. At the same time, the most important issues were that of the needs for a rational and functional production building.
The theatre hosts administration, workshop facilities for the production of plays, costumes and scenography, and the public part of the theatre will be used for both exercise purposes and for plays presented to the public.

In Norway, traditional construction designs and materials are most frequent in smaller scale buildings, while public and office buildings etc are mainly built in an «international «style». Innovative use of wood, together with the utilization of local traditions and craftsmanship, good solutions, traditional materials and innovative techniques was therefore a very important aspect of the whole project.